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How to Identify the Market for Junk Removal?

In recent times, the junk removal industry has grown significantly. Major big brands with large advertising expenditures regularly fight for junk removal contracts with smaller local companies.

With so much competition, defining one’s target market is critical for anybody in the junk removal industry. From marketing to pricing to services, creating a customer profile may help you refine and enhance all aspects of your organisation. This will ultimately result in earning the reputation of being a top rated junk removal company Vallejo CA.

If you’ve been in the junk removal company for a while, you’ve probably seen some tendencies in your client. These tendencies are crucial to consider while determining your junk removal target market.

You’ll go through each junk hauling service target market and the best strategies to reach out to them with your marketing message in the sections below. You’ll learn how to better serve your ideal clients as you understand their perspective, ensuring that they remain with you instead of leaving the company to save a few pennies.

Junk Removal Target Markets:

  •       Landlords or investors in real estate
  •       Contractors and construction businesses
  •       Movers
  •       Residents who live in rural locations without any access to waste disposal

Landlords or investors in real estate

One of the best forms of junk removal customers is real estate investors and landlords. When real estate investors buy damaged houses, they usually end up with a lot of trash that needs to be cleared.

Landlords also cope with waste on a frequent basis. You’d be surprised at how many residents leave a rental unit stuffed with their items. And not all of the items are usable. They need to be perished, disposed of, or donated. And frankly speaking, nobody has the time to take care of this task on their own. This is where junk removal services come into the picture. Top companies, such as 3 Kings Hauling offer their services to landlords and property investors and provide them with the best solution to get rid of access junk occupying a lot of space in their homes.

These customers are most likely well enough and seeking a proper solution. Attending a meeting of your local real estate investor association is a fantastic approach to get in touch with this market. Simply socializing and distributing your business cards to the real estate sector can result in a large amount of returning customers.

Contractors and construction businesses:

Although contractors and construction businesses usually use rental bins, when you can compete on quality and price with those services, you can easily pull part of their business away from the large trash consulting firms.

These customers will seek discounts anywhere they can so set your prices accordingly. Your local community of business can provide you with a list of contractors.


When it comes to moving out, movers, especially those from wealthy communities, are ideal clients for junk removal services. The wealthier a homeowner is, the more likely they are to prefer a completely hands-off approach in which they pay a charge and then forget about it. Create a one-of-a-kind market offering to promote this full-service strategy.

Several real estate websites, or a real estate agent if you know one, can provide you with a list of properties for sale in your area. You can also actually drive through areas in your target salary range looking for “For Sale” billboards.

Residents who live in rural locations without any access to waste disposal:

This is most likely among the most neglected junk removal target markets. Waste collection is often taken for granted by those of us who live in cities or towns, however, there are many rural inhabitants who do not have exposure to these services.

Your local dump removal utility company’s geographical restrictions can be identified with a little study. If you realize how to reach them, there is a lot of junk removal customers beyond such boundaries.

These individuals will almost certainly be among your lowest-income consumers. Keep this in mind when pricing this service but don’t forget to account for the additional travel time required to reach these outlying residents. A well-targeted direct mail strategy would be an excellent approach to reach out to this audience.

This list will help you get started in identifying the ideal target market for junk removal services. It’s preferable to concentrate on one of these areas at a time and create a client identity for that market. Surveying your existing clients is a great way to find further about them, but make sure you give them a reason to participate. Keep it as simple as possible for your customers to provide you with feedback, and you might just learn something.

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