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How to Choose Good Internet for Gaming?

 A patchy internet connection is more than enough to drive any avid gamer mad. Not only will it make you lose a winning game, but playing a multiplayer game with your friends turns frustrating real quick. A good internet connection in today’s time is extremely important. And not just for work, studies, socializing, the internet is an important asset for gaming too!

Many people believe a fast internet connection is a good internet connection. However, that’s not true. A lot of factors make a good internet connection including fast download speed. Gaming isn’t only about playing. It’s downloading new games, updating old ones, and communicating with other players online in real-time. And let’s be honest, the internet at your home isn’t available just for gaming.  It’s for streaming movies, shows, or music, browsing the internet, scrolling through social media, and downloading documents and files.

So you need a broadband connection that will fulfill all your gaming requirements regardless of what else it’s being used for. A good broadband connection will make sure you don’t lose a winning game because of unnecessary lags or glitches. Let’s take a look at what you should look for in a broadband connection when gaming is your priority.

Download Speed and Upload Speed

Download speed defines the rate at which information is passed between the gaming console and the user. The data usually includes basic information like player communication, location, controller input, mouse input, keyboard input, and real-time gaming state so online gaming doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth.

However, with modern gaming taking over, high-definition graphics need upto3Mbps of download speed. The upload speed is slower than the download speed since you only need 1 to 2 Mbps, which even a poor connection can provide, therefore, it isn’t as important as the other factors.

Connection Type

The connection type installed at your home determines the quality of your gaming experience. For instance, fiber broadband uses fiber optic cables to transfer data as pulses of light, which is faster than the data being carried through copper phone lines or other cable types. The latency your internet connection has, ultimately impacts your gaming experience. Latency is how long it takes for data to reach the user and back to the console/server. It’s also called the ping rate.

High latency does you no good. For instance, satellite connections are wireless; therefore have high latency, which eventually causes your game to lag significantly. Going for connections with low latency like fiber-optic or hybrid fiber connections is the best choice when it comes to gaming. Check out Spectrum packages for the best fiber-backed cable internet plans at affordable rates!

Physical Distance

The distance between the server and you also affects your gaming experience. Remember how we talked about latency? Well, latency also depends on the physical distance between the server and you. Multiplayer games use regional servers to connect users around the world. So the geolocation of the user plays an important role in latency even if it’s just a few miles away.

This is mainly because, the signal from the server has to travel a longer distance to reach you and back, which means higher latency. Factors like electrical signals and traffic, further increase latency and cause frequent slowdowns.

To Wrap It Up

Losing a game because of a lousy internet connection is as worse as it gets for a gamer. But with the right internet plan and a low-latency internet connection, you’re good to go. Make sure to test out all your options before investing in a broadband connection. Always consider the requirements of other online activities along with online gaming to get the best internet plan that provides consistent speeds throughout!


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