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How Casino Players gain Advantage Over the House

How Casino Players gain Advantage Over the House

The house always wins. This is a statement and a common fact known to all casino players. The house edge already gives casinos the upper hand in any transaction and everybody knows you are more likely to lose a bet than win one. Casino visitors have tried for decades to gain an advantage over the house and they have come up with some pretty impressive strategies. Casino players use these strategies to scale their game and record better outcomes on their bets. We have compiled some of these effective strategies in this article and we hope you find them useful in your next outing.

Five strategies for advantage gambling

Spot clumsy dealers

If you are playing blackjack or any other game that involves a dealer, your best strategy would be to find the clumsy dealers. Clumsy dealers are less careful and they tend to flashcards briefly when dealing. This gives you a unique playing advantage and the best part is that it is perfectly legal. This strategy is called hole carding and you should try it out when next you are at the casino.

Avoid distractions

Let’s face it. The casino is one big partying spot. The popular gold and red colors, the shining lights, the noise, the 3xotic entertainment, and the beautiful ladies are all there to keep you distracted. You have to consciously avoid these distractions and stay focused throughout any gamble. 

Notice everything

When you are in the casino playing certain games, you gain an advantage by noticing everything. If you are playing poker, you should notice the personality of your opponent and how they react to situations. This will help you to better predict their game moves and adapt for a better outcome. If you play roulette. You should notice the area where the ball falls often. Chances are the table is skewed in that direction and you have a better chance of winning if you pick a number in that direction.

When not exhibited in the right place, skills are of no use, let alone appreciated. Get yourself the right place to practice your mastery of online bets on https://casino.netbet.com/in/. You can either play on your own or wager with other opponents and determine how good you are.

Don’t go big 

Go big or go home is a popular statement among risk-takers like you. However, avoid going big when playing slots or keno. These games are highly probabilistic and you can either win big or lose small. If you are playing other casino games like blackjack and poker, you should also keep your bets small and never exceed your budget.

Call it off early

Casinos don’t have wall clocks on their walls. They do this so that people can lose track of time and keep spending their money. You need to know when to call it quits. Once you win a reasonable amount of money, you should call it quits and come back another day. The casino is the ultimate home of distraction and you need to take away your winnings as soon as you can. Avoid placing your wins for bigger wins because this often doesn’t end well.


Gambling is rewarding if you do it right. You need to learn the winning strategies that different players use to come out on top and apply them when you visit casinos. In this article, we have given you some useful strategies and we are convinced they will work for you.



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