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How Can Real Estate Agent Course Online Help You In Your Satisfied Career

You might have heard that real estate is a great option in terms of finances and careers. But do you know how much a real estate agent makes? It’s not just curiosity, but indeed it’s important to understand how much you should expect from your new career and how much you should keep aside to take the online real estate classes. It will help you transit through your career options and become a licensed practicing real estate agent.

Longer hours brings higher incomes:

Just like any other business,  more effort drives more income. According to the study, if an agent puts around 50-60 hours a week, they can easily rope in about $85,000, while people who invest less than 20 hours, earn about $20,000. That’s a simple average; you earn what you invest! In this case, time. 

More time means more clients means more deals!

More experience calls for more income:

If you go to a hospital, you will want to consult an experienced doctor. The same happens with a real estate business. Not that every client goes around looking for old realtors, but many clients do prefer agents who have a name in the market. Usually, they find you by a source or if your website pops up on the search engine. 

Therefore a real estate agent, who is in the middle of their career, let’s say 4-10 years in the business, can earn somewhere between $70,000 to $100,000. Agents with experience of less than a year can earn just about $19000, which is not a bad start, to be honest. 

Happy agents make happy money:

Job satisfaction in the real estate business is as necessary as it is in any other business. Job satisfaction can help you make upto three times more than those who do not like their jobs. Career satisfaction comes with time, but it also comes with patience and taking the right real estate agent courses online. 

According to studies, agents who were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their job earned about $30.000. At the same time, agents who were satisfied with their jobs earned a whopping amount of $87,000. 

The income is proportionate to the type of brokerage:

The brokerage type also influences the real estate agent’s salary, as we know the salary of the average real estate agent is brokerage type. Agents following hybrid brokerage earn around $58,000, while agents following national brokerage earns about $52,000 annually. 

A self-employed agent can earn about 77,000 dollars, so if you want to earn more, you have to take a little risk. 


A real estate agent’s salary is highly variable because it’s a very competitive field. Years of experience, number of hours worked, and job satisfaction are important factors, but they become secondary if you have a real estate agent degree in Florida. This gives you a niche over other agents in the market and helps you grab a more elegant clientele.  

Grab your 63-hours real estate agent course online and become a licensed real estate agent. 

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