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How Can An Employee Portal Profit Your Organisation?

A portal of employees of an online engagement platform that puts together a wide range of HR services at every employee’s fingertips. May it be access to HR content or self service functionality, an employee portal does it all. It enhances the employee service experience and leads to better satisfaction and engagement levels.

Employee intranet portal is a communications and management tool that allows effective engagement of HR with their employees. The tool also helps in change and development within the organisation. Apart from that you get to experience increased productivity, greater efficiency and a lot more.

Benefits Of Having Effective Employee Portal

Every business strives for success and long term sustainable profits. And a tool like employee portal is a one stop solution to achieve this. It not only supports HR but also helps in retaining staff, experience and productivity etc. Here are a few perks that you can get from a good portal for employees.

Answers Every Question Of Employees

By having a common portal for employees, one can get a wide range of relevant HR content that includes company guidelines, HR policies, information, benefits etc. This way employees get their maximum questions answered. Many portals also have an instant search feature that allows employees to get answers of their potential questions in a single click. In case an employee finds it hard to search for the answers, he or she can directly connect with a specialist in HR through a live chat option.

Improved HR Operations

As mentioned above, getting your hands on the best intranet platforms can help you make your HR operations better and efficient. How? By cutting out on extra inquiries. When there was no such portal for employees, every question of an employee was to be answered by the HR. This way HR has no time to carry out their own work responsibilities on time. And this someone affected productivity. But now that there are many portals available in the market, an HR can actually take a sigh of relief. He or she knows that all the inbound inquiries are taken care of by an employee portal and he or she can now focus on higher value added activities.

Increases Employee Engagement Levels

When we talk about the best corporate intranet, one thing that comes hand in hand is the employee engagement level. The fact that these platforms are designed to consumer grade specifications results in high employee engagement and technology expectations.

There are many other perks of having an employee portal in the workplace. Companies like Knowledge IQ are a one step solution to employee engagement portals. So visit their website and have your own portal today!


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