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Advantages and Attributes of a Good Serviced Apartment

The term serviced apartment simply means condo that are fully furnished and available for long lasting or short time remains. The Key Biscayne apartments distinguish themselves from resorts due to the type of facilities that they offer.

For instance, you will be hard pressed to discover a fully stocked Eu style kitchen in almost any hotel room around the world.

Distinguishing features of a good serviced apartment.


Nearly all of such apartments come with fully furnished characteristics from the sitting room for the bedroom. For the a lot more classy furnished apartments, you can also get pebble bathrooms and big kitchens with all the modern fitted appliances.


The actual serviced apartment offers a lot of space when compared with standard hotel rooms. If you intend on staying for some time, you need a place where you can walk about and feel free (not a crummy hotel room with only room for a bed and a table.)


This can be another feature which serviced apartments offer. Privateness is important if you do not would like to get disturbed by the steady commotions of busy hotel.

Features like kitchen area and huge closet room. Perhaps this distinguishing factor sets the particular serviced apartment across the normal hotel room. With a fully furnished kitchen area, you can decide to cook and save some money. Some apartments come with huge closet areas for all your shoes and clothes.

Amenities just like internet connection, and auto parking

This has become a standard feature of short stay serviced apartments. Internet connection might be section of the whole package or even it might be charged independently. These apartments also provide their own private parking area so you do not have to get worried where the heck you will park your car.

The actual serviced apartment merges all the above characteristics together with hotel amenities like reception area.

Laundry and cleaning providers

While some serviced apartments come complete with a laundry space (that is fully furnished with laundry equipment), other offer you the chance to use their in-house cleansing services. Either way the garments will get which lemony freshness that you a lot enjoy.

You should use the expertise of reputable agents. This is because of the various advantages how the agents afford an individual. You will not have to worry about all of the booking process that continues when you want a serviced apartment. You stand to get better pricing with regards to the charges per evening. The agent can negotiate and get to learn if the cost of selecting the apartment includes things like cleaning providers, internet connection, parking providers, etc. This will help you to be able to budget your finances much better. The agents know about a large variety of available apartments, which you are made welcome to pick and choose.

It is important that you only use expert well-known agents. This is so that you are not conned into spending fictitious charges (cash that will go straight into the fake agent’s storage compartments).

The choice is entirely in your hands. Whether you want to spend thirty days inside a hotel room that has small space and no kitchen area, or whether you’d prefer a fully furnished, kitchen enabled serviced apartment.

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