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FRA Full Form – Forest Rights Acts

What is the full form of FRA?

FRA Full Form: Forest Rights Acts

The Forest Rights Act, also known as the FRA, is a piece of legislation that recognizes the rights of forest-dwelling tribal communities to forest resources. These resources are essential for the communities’ livelihoods, habitation, and other social and cultural needs. The FRA was passed in 2006 to ensure that these communities’ rights were protected.

The FRA is an important tool for promoting sustainable development and protecting the rights of vulnerable communities. The act has successfully empowered these communities and given them a voice in decisions about their future. It has also led to increased investment in forest management and conservation and improved relations between the government and forest-dwelling communities.

Know About FRA

The Forest Rights Act, 2006 (FRA) is an act of the Parliament of India enacted to recognize and vest forest dwelling Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers with the rights over the forests they reside in and have been traditionally protecting. It was passed on 18 December 2006 and came into effect on 15 January 2008. This act forms an important part of the Indian Forest policy, which aims to provide a framework for participatory conservation by local communities while also recognizing their rights over forest resources. The FRA is a recognition of the indigenous people’s rights to forest land, which they have been traditionally inhabiting and using. It vests these communities with certain decision-making powers concerning the management and protection of their forests. Additionally.

What are FRA objectives

The FRA has several objectives, all aimed at ensuring the rights of forest occupants, Scheduled Tribes, and other traditional forest-dwellers. These include:

  • Providing land tenure and food security to these groups
  • Undoing historical injustices against them
  • Strengthening the conservation regime of the Forest through their involvement and authority in decision-making.
  • In addition, the FRA focuses on conservation for sustainable use, biodiversity conservation, and maintenance of ecological balance.
  • Together, all of these aims to improve the livelihoods of those depending on the Forest while also protecting it for future generations.

Who can claim rights under FRA?

However, those who have a Patta or a government lease whose land has been illegally getting away by the Forest department can claim rights under the Forest rights act. Apart from this, those whose land is the subject of a dispute between the Forest and revenue departments can also claim their rights under the Forest rights act, 2006.

What are community forest rights?

The Community Forest Rights Act (CFR) is an act that recognizes the rights to use, manage and conserve forest resources, as well as legally hold Forest land, for tribal communities who have used it for cultivation. This act was created in 2006 to help protect the interests of these communities, which are often marginalized and lack formal recognition or protection under Indian law. The CFR act provides a process through which these communities can obtain legal recognition of their rights and establishes a mechanism for dispute resolution should any conflict arise.

FRA full form in Business

FRA full form in Business is Forward Rate Agreement. It is an over-the-counter contract between two businesses in which a rate of interest is decided upon, which is to be paid in the future. This type of agreement is often used when businesses want to hedge against potential changes in interest rates.

FRA full form in College

The full form of FRA is the Fee Regulating Authority. This authority allows private colleges in Maharashtra to increase or decrease the tuition fee for professional courses, without whose permission the CollegeCollege cannot increase or decrease the tuition fee.
Some Other Famous Full Forms of FRA-
FRA-Future Rate Agreement

FRA-Florida Reading Association

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