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Durable and Comfortable: Fabrics to Consider for Your Dining Chair

Let’s be honest, most homeowners would prioritize a number of items over chairs when selecting furniture pieces for their kitchen or dining room. The lights, the flooring, the countertop or coffee bar, and even the coffered ceiling are all important considerations. These are all crucial, but the seats you choose have a considerably greater impact than the majority of the other elements, and here’s exactly why!

Think of it this way

If you’ve had visitors come over for dinner, the comfort of your seats will influence and have great impact on how they would feel during the time they spent in your abode. Whether it’s a family gathering or friends just planning to come over, everything will go much more smoothly if the guests are more relaxed. No matter how wonderful and stunning a chair looks, if it is unpleasant to sit on and feel, your guests would probably depart sooner than they would have if they were more comfortable, and you wouldn’t want that, do you?

So, if you really think about it, of all the pieces of furniture you own in your home, dining chairs are arguably the ones that work the hardest. If you have a family, they can be used for schoolwork, kids’ dinners, adults’ dinners, dinner parties, coffee conversations, breakfast, lunch, and so on. Many people find themselves doing a little more work in the evenings, and you can guess where they’d sit? Definitely on one of those super comfortable chairs. If I were you, purchasing high-quality chairs is essential; you might be able to save a few bucks on inexpensive chairs but trust me it can be the most unpleasant experience, and again they may also be unable to withstand the stresses of your modern kitchen.

Now we’re getting serious, let’s talk essentials.

Textiles used to make the chairs plays an important role when it comes to comfort, the reality is that there are plenty of chairs available at local stores just that they are not personalized to your unique needs and may limit your options. Alternatively, if you want a specific style of chair to be created out of a particular fabric, you may always go the upholstered route. 

If you had not known, upholstering your chairs allows you to make them one-of-a-kind and tailored to fit your space perfectly. Seat coverings, including drapes, can be changed in any way you like. But when comes to choosing the fabric for your chairs, you might just need an advice of an expert, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop has put up a list of possibilities to help you out.

Sounds interesting right? How about we pause for a minute and learn more about fabrics here.

Hmm… so what are my fabric choices?


One of my favorite fabrics is Velvet. A fabric that promotes luxury and oh! Looks super good.

Deep colors and intriguing designs are commonly connected with it, giving your seats an exquisite and historic appearance. In a more practical sense, it helps to produce a smooth and matte feel to your chair’s upholstered cushion.


Here’s comes my personal fabric choice!

You can have chenille fabrics upholstered to make a chair with textured coverings. Chenille is a soft and sturdy fabric that adds a nice texture to your furniture. Chenille textiles are also highly durable and effective at masking dirt thanks to its small looped weave. They look best in a kitchen with large, armchair, and chaise lounge chairs.

Faux Leather

You could wish to upholster your chairs with faux leather if you have a cabin-style home with wooden interiors. Leather is a traditional sofa cover that has a vintage-modern aesthetic and is easy to maintain. Those seeking for a less expensive and a fair substitute to leather can opt for imitation leather, which is comprised of synthetic fibers and has the same toughness as leather.

Cotton mixes

How about this no brainer type of fabric? Cotton and other synthetic fibers are used to make fabric blends that are both sturdy and comfortable. Cotton is also inexpensive and widely available in fabric stores, making it a convenient choice. Cotton is also the most versatile fabric because it can be combined with any sort of dining room chairs.

So, which fabrics really?

I would highly recommend you try Chenile, but then again that’s just my personal choice. Because once you’ve decided on a style for your chair, you can choose upholstery to customize it to your preferences. You can choose from a variety of textiles, including leather, velvet, chenille, corduroy, and even cotton.

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