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Everything You Need to Know Before Painting Your Home

Your home is a place that you want to look like surprisingly amazing for you and for anyone who visits it. This is the reason when it comes to painting your home; you want the task to be performed perfectly without any drawbacks. It’s an understood fact that it requires a lot of planning and good quality paint tools before you actually get started with the painting task. So first of all, never ever make any decision hurriedly and pay proper heed towards every aspect. To make your painting task painless and easily manageable, you have to consider some important aspects to eliminate any disappointment and get complete satisfaction from the painting task. This post will guide you through some crucial points to be considered while painting your home. 

Decide the Type of Sheen 

The finish of your paint or you can simply say the soft, smooth, and shiny quality of the paint that will be reflected by your newly painted walls should be well-visualized. You can start by figuring out general color characteristics and effect they can have on your walls. It is better to consider sheen depending on the type of location of your home. Whether you require a warm or cool shade or a neutral or a saturated shade? 

Moreover, you also need to consider the colors of your major furniture and décor items which dominate most of the part of your rooms. Try getting a handy paint tray to make the task convenient. Also, get a good color combination that best reflects your imagination and creativity and also compliments the colors of everything present in a room. Don’t make a hotchpotch in order to get excessively creative and applying too many different colors. 

Choose Good Quality Paint Tools 

Quality-proven paint tools like rollers, drop sheets, extension poles, sand paper, paint tray, and any other paint tool keeps immense importance in achieving the level of perfection that you desire for your home painting task. Try getting these tools from some renowned and trusted paint tool suppliers in UAE like Towertools. These tools will offer you immense convenience and flexibility in getting perfect finish on your walls. You are as good as your tools; it’s an old saying depicting the essence of good quality tools for any work. Hence, besides buying expensive paint for your home, settling down for cheaper paint tools can prove to be a blunder. You will everything related to paint tools from Towertools that is a leading supplier of good quality and durable paint tools. 

Estimate the Amount of Paint required

Generally almost 10 to 15% of the paint goes waste during any painting task. We know that you would not like to let your expensive paint go waste; hence, you need to figure out the exact paint that will be needed for your home painting task. You can consult the paint stores from where you will order these paints and paint tools. They are experienced enough to give you a fair idea of the paint as per the area to be covered. 

Prepare your Walls Well and Make them Smooth 

If your home is going to be painted for the first time, you just need to make sure that the surface is not too uneven as it may consume a lot of paint and will look quite awkward after getting painted. If you are repainting your home with spray paint tools, you have to work out a little more by removing the previous paint layer with the help of a good quality sand paper. The smoother surface you will offer for painting task, the better will be its reflection and you will be contented accordingly. Hence, make sure that you have prepared a smooth surface before you pick up your paint tools.

Color Sampling 

People often get disappointed when they order paint by referring a color wheel and it turns out to be a totally different shade when finally painted on the walls. If you want to avoid such situation, make sure that you check the color personally before applying it on your walls in a full-fledged way. Whatever color and company you choose, order some small paint cans for the sampling purpose, apply them in smaller sections of your walls either by a roller or using spray paint tools and let them get dried up completely. If you are completely satisfied the type of reflection and finish it gives on your walls both during the daylight and under artificial lighting, then you can easily order that paint in bulk. This method will surely take little more time but will save you from any further disappointment. 

Prepare your Rollers

When you choose to buy good quality foam rollers, soak them well in water so that the foam absorbs the paint in desired quantity. Keep them soaked in water for a while and take them out, if they have soaked excessive water and it is dripping out of the foam, simply squeeze the foam slightly and wipe it with a tissue. 

Keeping all these points in mind, you can surely achieve maximum perfection out of your painting task. For any paint tools related requirements, you can visit the website of Towertools where you will get to explore extensive range of premium quality paint tools at affordable prices. 


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