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Everything You Must Know About Brow Lamination

Gone are the days of pencil-thin eyebrows. With the changes in beauty trends, big and bushy eyebrows are in vogue. And brow lamination has made it possible to create a combed-up, fuller eyebrow look. 

Even if you don’t follow the trend of thin eyebrow arches of the 90s, you may have naturally thin eyebrows or your eyebrow hairs have become sparse. In that case, resorting to eyebrow tinting or even using the best eyebrow makeup can take much effort. Therefore, a treatment that creates fuller-looking eyebrows without needing constant grooming can be a relief. 

So, if you’re considering getting your eyebrows laminated, read the following section to know every detail about it. 

What is eyebrow lamination?

The semi-permanent treatment of brow lamination involves taking thin or unruly hairs and smoothing them out while lifting them vertically. Basically, it is a perm for your eyebrow hairs. The process involves taking the hairs you already have and giving them more flexibility to add more texture and volume. Lamination also covers eyebrows gaps to create the perfect shape for your eyebrow. The results that you get are natural-looking brows that are easy to maintain. 

What happens during the lamination treatment?

In the lamination process, eyebrows are lifted and straightened with a chemical solution that breaks down the bond of eyebrow hairs. This offers greater flexibility in creating the desired shape for the eyebrow. Once you decide on the look you want to achieve by consulting with your brow artist, you can begin the treatment. 

The first step is the application of the lift lotion with a micro-brush. Then, a strip of saran wrap is placed over the brows and left for a few minutes, followed by the removal of the solution with dry gauze. 

The next step is applying the fixing solution. The strip of saran wrap is placed over the brows for approximately five minutes and then removed with gauze. This will tame the eyebrows and lock the shape. 

Next, additional tinting is done according to the client’s preference, where a brow tint is mixed with an oxidant and applied with an angled brush to ensure maximum precision. 

Lastly, a nourishing serum is applied evenly and covered with saran wrap to replenish the moisture lost during the treatment. 

What can you expect from the lamination treatment?

If you’re obsessing over the supermodel-worthy arches but are tired of filling your eyebrows or applying gels and powders, brow lamination is your best alternative. After the treatment, you can see fuller, thicker and uniform brows that look perfectly brushed up and beautifully glossy. Moreover, as you lift the brows, you raise the under-arch area as well, which makes the eyes more open and create a youthful look.  

How can you prepare for the lamination treatment?

There’s nothing much you need to do before your brow lamination treatment. But make sure you don’t trim or pluck your eyebrows before the appointment, so there are more hairs to work with.

Also, it is best to stop using at-home brow gels at least three days before your treatment, as the gels contain film formers that tend to stay on the brows even after cleaning thoroughly. The gels, therefore, can prevent the lifting product from penetrating the brow, which may affect the final results.

Having the brows laminated is the best alternative to keep them in place, lift them and save the time you spend using brow pencils and applying different products. While lamination is a safe procedure for most people, it is best to consult an expert before your treatment if you have any skin conditions, scars, burns, or scratches near the eyes.         

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