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Check Out Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

If the morning coffee is a must have to make it through the daily grind, why not stash a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans close by for a afternoon treat. These tasty treats come in a variety of flavors.Portable and small makes them easy to stash away and bring out when that extra treat is required. They may give one a boost when the afternoon seems to be dragging. These just might be enjoyable enough to pass up the energy drink and replace it with this sweet caffeinated concoction.

The bean that is used to make these gourmet treats is the same that is used to create espressos and lattes. The sweetness that is added by the chocolate to the coffee bean is the perfect balance to it’s bitter taste. Enclosed in a case of light or dark candy they may be an excellent gift for those who love their coffee.

Buying these gourmet treats can be done in a variety of fine stores. It is possible to purchase them at department stores, candy shops, and coffee houses. They are also available for purchase online through a variety of websites. Choosing to purchase them online can lead to the ability of finding the best price for these high quality foods. Ordering is as simple as typing on the computer and they can be delivered right to one’s home.

Peoples two favorite caffeinated treats, chocolate and coffee, are combined to create this gourmet sweet. When looking to purchase these tasty concoctions, it is possible to buy them in a variety of flavor combinations. They are the perfect addition to any party. Use them as a favor to pass out to guest or give them as a gift.

Choosing different combinations of flavors can be a fun way to enjoy the coffee bean. There are a wide array of choices. Many that are popular include light or dark chocolates, min, mocha and cappuccino flavors. It is also possible to purchase a mix of the flavors if it is too hard to make up one’s mind. All of the flavor combinations make it possible to continue to discover the varieties available.

For fun try to make them at home. Although it may be harder to dip an individual coffee bean it is possible to coat them at home if one desire. This makes it possible to create a personal flavor combination by completely covering one’s favorite coffee bean with the chocolates one enjoys most. Let them set up and then serve. Online are many recipes for making these gourmet temptations and instructions on how to make them at home.

Chocolate covered espresso beans are a great gift for the coffee and chocolate lover alike. Give them away or keep them, share them or not. Whatever the choice these adult treats are a one of a kind treat to be enjoyed.

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