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During a normal menstrual cycle, in the uterus, a lining is formed, known as the endometrium. It prepares the body for a possible pregnancy so that if fertilization occurs, its ovum remains protected. When pregnancy does not occur, your body sheds endometrium in the form of blood during periods.
In endometriosis, the endometrium tissues grow outside of your uterus that can be a highly painful thing. Endometriosis can make conceiving a child difficult. If you have difficulty getting pregnant, you can visit a Gynecologist in Lahore.

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Endometriosis can occur at any part of the body. But most commonly, it occurs in the pelvic area. It occurs in the region like:

The fallopian tubes
Outside of the uterus
Tissues that support the uterus
Sometimes endometrial tissue can even enter your digestive system or lungs.

What are the Symptoms of Endometriosis?

The signs and symptoms of endometriosis may not be bothersome and noticeable. However, when you may notice them, they can show up as;

Severe menstrual cramps
Back pain during periods
Blood in your stool or urine
Heavy menstrual bleeding
Pain while you pee or poop, especially during periods
Painful sex
Difficulty getting pregnant
Fatigue that doesn’t go away

What Causes Endometriosis?

The experts do not know the exact cause of endometriosis. However, some experts think that it can occur due to retrograde menstruation. It is a condition when your menstrual blood containing endometrial tissue may pass back to your fallopian tubes and then into your pelvic cavity, eventually resulting in endometriosis.

Your genes may also play a role in causing endometriosis. If your mother or sister has it, the chances increase for you too. Moreover, it tends to get worse generation over generation, according to research.

What are the treatment options for Endometriosis?

For endometriosis, there is no such particular treatment. But the healthcare providers prescribe symptomatic treatment to manage it. The most common bothersome symptom associated with endometriosis is pain. For that, the healthcare providers prescribe over-the-counter pain medications.

To manage its potential complications, medical and surgical procedures can help. First, the healthcare providers try to manage the conditions through medications. Surgery is only done when symptoms do not subside with medications.

The healthcare providers may also prescribe hormonal therapy to control the symptoms of endometriosis. Supplemental hormonal therapy can help in slowing the progression of the disease and help relieve symptoms. Hormone therapy can help endometriosis because they regulate tissue growth that occurs when you have endometriosis.

Hormonal contraceptives can also help to prevent endometrial tissue growth. They can be given in the form of birth control pills, vaginal rings, and patches that can eliminate excess endometrial growth.

What are the Complications of Endometriosis?

Endometriosis can affect your sex life and relationship with your partner. Anxiety and depression are common outcomes of it. You must talk to your partner about it. Moreover, seek professional help from a psychologist who can help you cope with its consequences.
Endometriosis can also make it difficult for you to get pregnant. For that, you may need to seek help from a gynecologist.

You must take care of endometriosis and monitor it closely as it may raise the risk of ovarian cancer.


Endometriosis is a painful condition to cope with. It may negatively affect your life. The healthcare providers may prescribe pain medications that can help alleviate its painful symptoms. If you have a complaint of painful periods, you should visit the Gynecologist in Karachi.


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