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Educate The Poor: Make A difference

By keeping a child in school by sponsoring his/her supplies throughout the year. If every able person would sponsor a child from poor families most of the children will be able to access education and this will make a difference in their lives. This will even eliminate poverty in the society. Most people who cannot access education the poverty rate is very high and we should contact dwp to intervene to make sure even the government is participating in this project.


I would look for donations from, government, NGOs and other sources to contribute and give resources to help and empower the poor who cannot afford to sustain themselves in educating themselves or their children. When you empower minds in the society this helps even in creating jobs.


I will hold fund drives which will help in contribution of funds which will help in training those who cannot afford the school fees and to even train those women who are not able to provide for the family by starting projects like weaving, knitting and this in return will give them resources which they will be able to start their own businesses and be able to provide for their families.


With the success of the projects the money that is earned through them will be able to pay fees, to buy more materials and pay bills and even to employ more people especially those who are finishing school to make sure they are not idle and have something to do. This will keep the level of poverty low and even improve the environment for children’s to learn. With projects in place I would apply for loans which will be serviced by the part of earnings from the projects and expand business to make sure there are enough resources for every family and especially the elderly and the disabled who cannot be able to work on their own.

When youth and women are empowered with knowledge, it’s the society that benefits and with jobs available for the youth, the society is at peace and the number of crimes is limited as they have something to do and earn their living decently. For women when they have the knowledge this helps to reduce the maternal death as they are aware and they feed well and improve their health and attend antenatal clinics and they know how to handle issues that may lead to the death of children.

The other thing I would do is to ensure the environment is friendly by planting trees, making sure there is supply of clean water and light, and that the society is all aware of their human rights this will have made a difference in the lives of the poor and poverty has been eliminated by 98%.

All the contributions I will make sure they are managed by qualified personnel to avoid any mismanagement of funds and is accessible to all in case of loans and paid in time to avoid penalties.


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