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Does Couples Counselling work?

Human relationships are complex and involve multiple emotions. When two people start to get feelings for each other, they feel happy and eventually end up in love. 

However, all relationships are not like that. It is natural for couples to have small problems in their relationship. The situation gets out of hand when these problems only grow bigger and affects the root of the relationship. You can try relationship counselling if your relationship is unstable. 

Some people are not sure whether it works or not. If you are one of them and not sure of the effectiveness of couples counseling, then you are in the right place. It will help you to understand more about it. However, before that, you should know when you should seek relationship counseling. 

When should you seek relationship counseling? 

Many people don’t realize that they need external help to stabilize their relationship. Maximum time they don’t know the limit or the fine line. Here, we will tell you some general signs, which indicate that you need help. However, these are not some things fixed just in general. It partially depends on your personality and feelings. 

  1. You feel like your partner controls your activities. 
  2. You feel inferior or uncomfortable or bad about yourself because of his or her behavior. 
  3. You are not interested in your partner anymore or feel emotionally connected to someone else. 
  4. You argue a lot with your partner unnecessarily or try to ignore him. 
  5. You are staying in that relationship only because of your family. 

Do couples counseling help to solve the problem? 

Couples counseling is a practical approach to solve problems related to the relationship. People who go for couples counseling practice are trained professionals. It is based on emotionally focused therapy or EFT. 

According to the research, couples counseling works in 75 percent of the cases. It partially depends on the couples and the culture.

If two people want to stay together and seek help, then it will surely work for them. However, if one party doesn’t want to cooperate, then things can get difficult. As we all know, a relationship is all about mutual understanding. 

Is it possible to measure the effectiveness of couple’s therapy? 

This is a difficult thing not only in relationship counseling but in any kind of counseling. The success of couples counseling is usually measured with self-report. However, things are not as easy as it seems. 

Emotions can be misinterpreted as they are very complex. In abusive relationships, things get difficult. They tend to control the activities and thoughts of their partners. So, wrong information or false self-reporting is not very uncommon. 

A therapist usually does a follow-up with the couples to make sure that things are ok. That’s how they usually measure the effectiveness of relationship counseling. 


A relationship is built on faith, trust, and love. These are the roots of any kind of relationship. If these three things remain the same, then problems don’t occur in a relationship. It is possible to solve problems through relationship counseling. 

However, a few things matter, like the interest of both parties. A relationship is a mutual thing. So, it won’t work if one person is interested and another one is over it. If both parties are willing and still facing a problem, then couples counseling can help them a lot. 

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