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Different Types Of Paint Finishes You Should Know About

When we think of painting our minds jump to the most obvious thing first, which are paint colors and we forget to consider the paint finish. More often than not, finding the perfect paint finish for your home may be difficult. There is an array of paint finishes available and each have their own unique features and suggested usage. Paint finishes may have as much influence on a room as color, so it’s crucial to do your research before implementing your paint ideas in your house. Matte paints like the tractor emulsion are great for low-traffic areas that won’t be scuffed or marred, whereas gloss paints such as Royal paint colors are better for high-traffic areas or places that get a lot of moisture and humidity. To make this simple for you, here is a list of paint finishes and the spaces that you should use them in. 

  • Flat Paint Finishes : These finishes are matte to touch and are recommended for rooms that are not used on a daily basis. They don’t have any sheen and are not reflective. 
  • Matte Paint Finishes : A touch above the flat paint finishes, these are more durable  as they have a little more sheen and last for a long time. 
  • Eggshell Paint Finishes : The most commonly chosen finish for the interiors, it’s durable and has the perfect amount of sheen. It is easy to maintain and can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Satin, Velvet And Silk Paint Finishes : These are the perfect midpoint between flat matte and glossy paint finishes. Ideal for rooms that are used the most. 
  • Gloss Paint Finishes : Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, or any room that has more moisture. This has a high sheen and a higher reflective index. This also helps to increase natural light in rooms. There are different types of gloss paints available, namely semi gloss, gloss paint, high/full gloss. 
  • Chalk Paint Finishes : Most commonly used in projects where furniture is upcycled, the biggest benefit of this finish is that it has no sanding or priming prerequisites. It also allows natural texture to shine through. 
  • Clay And Distemper : Clay paints are the most eco friendly and sustainable choice and are highly breathable. While distemper is not hard wearing, it is made from whitewash made of water, chalk, pigment and a bonding agent like egg or casein. 
  • Other than these, there are Specialist Textural Paint Finishes which are helpful in creating bold features and statement walls. 
  • Exterior Paint Finishes are finishes that protect walls from daily wear and tear. They usually have a sheen and hide textural imperfections that walls tend to have. 

Generally, eggshell is the ideal finish for exterior paint. Outer eggshell combines brilliance with concealment of defects on a building’s exterior. Consider an eggshell paint finish with a subtle gloss to ensure that your outside paint complements your backyard designs. There are a few exceptions, but they are few. You may choose a gloss finish over a flat finish when repainting a specific element of your home’s exterior, such as a garden gate or front door.

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