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DIY – Guide to Develop Your First Mobile App Successful

The mobile app industry is not what it used to be before. It has grown exponentially over the years. To date, there are almost 7 billion mobile users in the world. According to last year’s stats, there were 218 billion mobile app downloads worldwide.

Mobile phones are now a part of life. They have a high significance in the daily lives of people across the world. According to the latest reports, the average time people spend using a smartphone has gone up to more than 4 hours a day, out of which 92% of the time is spent on using mobile apps. Out of this 92%, around 44% of the time is taken up by communication and social networking apps. So, it would be somewhat correct to say that people don’t just want to use their smartphones but in fact, they are now in need for them, people’s lives depend on them.

With such a massive rise in the overall demand for smartphones and mobile apps, every entrepreneur wants to take a bite out of this pie. Now, there are more than 4 million mobile apps available for download and use on Google Play Store and Apple App Store collectively. However, you must ask yourself this; do people use all 4 million of them? The answer is no. People only use the apps, which provide them a valuable service, they like a mobile app that can solve a problem for them.

Why Do You Want to Create a Mobile App?

Do you want to develop a mobile app? What is the reason behind you wanting to create it? This question will become the reason for the success or failure of your mobile app. See, if you think that you create a mobile app today and tomorrow it will become successful with millions of downloads then quite simply you are dreaming. So, you need to wake up and face the reality of the situation. You need to figure out the reason behind developing a mobile app.

Once you do figure it out and then comes the part where you can start worrying about how to develop it and attract users from all over the world. You must understand, you cannot start making cars just because people like to travel (hoping this analogy makes sense to you). If you look at the stats, you can clearly observe that users are only interested in just a handful of mobile apps. Out of more than 4 million apps, people hardly use 1000 of them. Imagine, that is not even a one percent chance of success. Therefore, unless you are sure about the reason behind creating an app, simply don’t.

Steps You Must Take to Develop a Successful Mobile App

Step # 1 – Gather Info on Your Users

The only way you can answer the question of why you want to create a mobile app is by getting to understand the people around you. What you need to understand is that a mobile app is nothing more than a digital product. Its main aim should be to solve a problem. So, unless you understand people and find out what problems they are facing, there is no point diving head first into this industry.

Step # 2 – Come Up with an Idea, Which Solves a Problem

Once you find out about the problems your audience is facing, you must come up with an idea to solve them in the best manner. For example, you can create an app like Uber then you can solve your users’ traveling issues easily. Do you see how providing a solution for a problem is necessary? Look at how successful Uber is throughout the globe. It is simply because it caters to the daily life traveling issues of people in an amazing manner. The developers literally thought of everything. That is exactly the way you must do it as well.

Step # 3 – Give Shape to Your Idea

In this step, you need to give a tangible shape to your app layout. The best way to do it is draw the basic app layout on a piece of paper. Put everything you visualize about the way your app looks on paper. It will give you a much better idea about the errors in your basic idea and you can work on correcting them. Try to make the app’s layout as user-friendly as possible because if it is complicated and difficult to understand then there is a high possibility that you will not be able to retain your user base for a much longer time.

Step # 4 – Decide on the Features

You should observe the importance of features in a mobile app. Take Uber as an example; observe how the features are playing a significant role in attracting and retaining the users. Furthermore, you need to understand that it is the features of your app, which bring flexibility to it for the users. They also help in keeping your target audience engaged in the most effective manner. They provide security and privacy to your users, which will help in not only attracting a higher volume of users to download the app but in fact, they also give your users a reason to keep using the app for a much longer period of time.

Step # 5 – Write the Code

This is the step, where you will be required to write the code for your mobile app. Now, you need to make sure that you use a language, which makes it possible for your app to have compatibility to run on both iOS and Android. This will allow your app to have a larger target audience.

Step # 6 – User Testing & Feedback

After coding the app, your mobile app is complete. However, you still need to test it and find out what your users may think of it. Therefore, you must have a group of people use the app and provide you with feedback from a user’s perspective. This feedback will allow you to make the much-needed changes in your app because most developers get tunnel vision and simply are not able to see the flaws in their creation.

Step # 7 – Make Changes & Launch

The final step is to make changes in your app according to the feedback you received in the testing phase. Once you are done with it, then you simply have to launch your app and make it available to people for use.


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