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6 Essential Elements to Design the Perfect Mobile App UI

Are you a beginner in designing a mobile app? Need to know the right elements that can help you create a stunning UI for your next app development project? Here you go.

Every designer, both experienced and the beginners, understand it very well that the design of an app’s UI creates the first impression on the users and designing it well is really important. A good user interface can only catch the interest of the users and leaves the impression about the business or brand on the user’s mind.

Now comes the question, what really helps to create a good UI for an application? This is a very common question that clicks in the minds of most of the beginners who are in this app development field. Going back to the basics, let’s talk about the fundamental and the most essential elements required for creating superb user interfaces based on the type of brand and the business requirements. What’s the value of a book that doesn’t have an interesting cover? The same goes for an application as well.

So, here’s what can help you create an eye-grabbing UI for your app.

Now, it’s time to unbox the key elements that have a major influence on designing the user interface of an application. Let’s take a look below.


Here is the first one – colours. This is the first most important factor or element for designing an application. When a user will open your application, what is going to be the first thing that he or she will get to notice? Yes, you have guessed it right, the primary colour. You can find innumerable articles and blogs about the psychological impact behind colours, which is also applicable for app marketing. So, you must think twice before choosing the main colour of your application. You must choose the colours based on the type of products or services, the category of the app, the client’s preference, the colours of the other competitive apps, and the other related factors. You cannot simply afford to go wrong with the colour selection.


Next, you need to consider the way you are going to display the content. Again, you need to consider factors what type of app it is, who are the users, and the other similar factors before choosing the font style and size. Make sure the font is readable and clear. The colour of the font should also be contrasting to the background colour. If you are building a game app or you are creating the design for an eCommerce app, choose the font accordingly. Do a little research before choosing your font.


The list of essential app design elements includes the icons as well. Those small elements create a remarkable impact on the perception of the users. There are different types of icons like app icons to represent the app, clarifying icons to explain certain tasks, interactive icons to navigate the app, and decorative icons to create a more attractive visual appeal. No matter which icons you are choosing, keep in mind that your icons are clear enough to express what type of actions they are included for.

Apart from these, you must ensure that your app’s UI design provides easy navigation and has a great brand design. Just keep everything simple, clean, uncluttered, and clear with innovative and creative elements. A stunning, impressive, and interactive brand design can bring the maximum number of users and ROI to the app and in turn to the business.

So, now hope you know every aspect of well-designed UIs for applications, right? Designing an app UI does not have any specific recipe. What’s already explained above is just the theory and idea. It’s your creativity and choice that can give life to your application design considering the elements summarised above in this article. Keep these components in mind and amaze your customers adding your creativities and ideas based on these elements. Creating an engaging app UI is a must and this article can help you do so effortlessly.

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