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December Global Holidays

December Global Holidays December is definitely the most Celebration month of the year. The month is characterized by all manner of occasions and celebrations around the planet, including religious, cultural and even corporate occasions. December is packed with both public holidays (that are observed in addition to regular workdays) and special observances (days that aren’t necessarily observed in addition to work days).

December Global Holidays



often called the Festival of Lights or Chanukah. The celebration is an eight-day festival that starts on the 25th day of Kislev from the Hebrew calendar and is celebrated by lighting candles for each day.

Although it can fall anytime between November 28 and December 6, this year’s Hannukah celebration will begin on Monday, December 2nd.

The History of Hanukkah

Hanukkah comes from a story where there were Jews rebelling against other people who wanted to take over their land. Although it was a time when they really needed God to protect them, many of the Jews had given up believing in him because he wasn’t protecting them as well as he could have been. However, there was a group of Jews who continued to believe in God and say prayers. They were led by Judah Maccabee, who fought against their enemies for freedom until they finally won the war.

When they finally came home after winning the war, they looked everywhere for oil that could be used for candles because it was the only thing that could light up their temple, but what they found had already been used up. So rather than give up on following through with their religious customs, they decided to find some more oil so they would have enough time to prepare everything else needed for celebrating Hanukkah…but even when they went looking all over town for more oil, there wasn’t any left.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is observed on December 1st each year to commemorate those who have died of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and to increase awareness, heighten risk perception, and reduce the social stigma of HIV infection. It is a day of remembrance as well as a day of awareness on the global AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infections worldwide resulting from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This observance was created in 1988 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter, members of an information section at the World Health Organization’s Global Programme on AIDS. December 1 first became a United Nations day in 2004 when Kofi Annan issued a statement calling for official recognition. In 2009, UNAIDS estimated that there were 33.3 million people living with HIV worldwide.



Krampusnacht is a yearly event held in bars and town squares of Austria and Bavaria, Germany. The events comprise dressing up as the devil himself and parading around, playing music, and chasing younger people with sticks or brooms.

On December 5th, cities throughout both countries hold the Krampusnacht celebrations. In Salzburg, there is a procession through the town where masks are worn to represent various demons such as Kramperl (a toylike or puppet-like demon), Schaufelraddampfer (Captain shovelboard steamer), and others while drums beat out harsh rhythms to accompany the cacophony of screams from onlookers who try avoid capture by Kramperl and friends. All this leads towards St Peter’s Church where there is a massive feast held for all those who have made the streets such a success.

In Graz they parade through the streets brandishing whips and bells, donning masks and animal hides to protect themselves from the evil they are portraying. In Vienna, their celebrations do not include music but consist solely of dressing up as Kramperl or Schaufelraddampfer. It’s considered good luck if whipped by one of their sticks at night while children are warned to stay indoors for fear of Krampus catching them.

It is tradition for young men between fifteen and thirty years old to dress up as either Kramperl or Schaufelraddampfer which involves.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

This Feast, on December 8, is known as the “Immaculate Conception.” What does this mean?

Background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: A vital mainstay of Catholic educating is celebrated on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. It doesn’t. In truth, it is precisely the conception of Mary herself that is alluded to here. Although she was born naturally, her conception is accepted as “immaculate” by Catholics as God interceded, relieving Mary by Catholics since God interceded, alleviating Mary of unique sin.

-The Immaculate Conception’s true meaning is that Mary, the Mother of God, was conceived without any stain of original sin. She would go on to not only bear Jesus Christ but be united to him in his suffering and death. That is why she has been declared the beloved disciple by St. John himself!

-Here are some other interesting facts about this special day: -December 8th is also Adam & Eve’s traditional day of creation -This Feast used to be celebrated on March 25th -Pius IX, being the first Pope from the new world, signed a decree making it an immovable feast back in 1847.

Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day

is also known as Buddhist enlightenment day. Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day to commemorate the enlightenment of Buddha, his first teaching, and death of Buddha. The term “Bodhi” means spiritual awakening or perfect knowledge. It is believed that Buddha attained Bodhi two thousand five hundred years ago on this day after he meditated for 49 days under a pipal tree (also known as ficus religiosa), which was later named the bodhigara.

The birth, edification, and demise of Buddha are celebrated worldwide on three different festivities called Vesak. However, Mahayana Buddhists break up the celebrations into cheaper dates with each celebration referred to as Bodhisattva’s Day or Ullambana Dharma Assembly for the edification, Ullambana for the demise, and Kāshyapa Mārga to celebrate Buddha’s illumination.

The official Bodhi Day is celebrated on the 8th day of the 12th month in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand – corresponding to December according to the lunar calendar. It is regulated by the Buddhist calendar. Most Buddhists use this schedule to plan their holiday celebrations. Sunday is also used as a memorable date by many Thais throughout Thailand because they call it Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. There are said to be more than 20 million Buddhists worldwide who venerate Bodhi Day annually by reciting prayers together with fasting practices.

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

The day is a Scandinavian holiday celebrated on December 13. The day commemorates Saint Lucy, known in Sweden as Santa Lucia.

The observance of the holiday begins with early-morning shopping visits or stockings hung by the fireplace before going to church for a morning Mass. In some areas, girls dressed in white and wearing crowns made of lingonberry branches in their hair serve coffee and saffron buns to visitors after the service.

Finish students traditionally celebrate this holiday by singing ghost songs and going from door to door dressed in white gowns and wearing candle crowns, singing “Santa Lucialåt” (a song about Saint Lucy). This tradition has spread throughout Finland and can now be seen everywhere during the evening hours.



Christmas is a global celebration of the introduction of Jesus as the Son of God. The date is obscure and was picked essentially because of its correspondence with the winter solstice in the Roman schedule. Likewise, Christmas is commended in various nations as a social rather than a strict occasion. There are various ways to denote this event, including leaving presents for Santa Claus or Father Christmas and going to Church services on Christmas day. Many people also go on a hard and fast excursion around this time of year.

Christmas took place on December 25th since 336 AD when Pope Julius I chose that day over others such as January 6th (the Epiphany) and March 28 (the Feast of the Annunciation). This was part of an attempt to create a Christian.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

The Boxing Day tradition dates back to medieval England. At that point, it was known as “Christmas’s second date” and on this day – just after Christmas had finished for another year – towns would give gifts of money or lunch baskets to all their workers, among whom were the mailmen.

The praise has since spread out to different countries, where it is set apart however still holds an equivalent significance.

In some Western European nations, Boxing Day is held one week after Christmas Day. In other regions the Boxing Day custom is detached from its past English associations completely, acquiring a life of its own very similar to how Boxing Day started in the first place.

Take Australia for example, where Boxing Day often marks the practical end of the summer season.

Universal Human Rights Month

Universal Human Rights Month

Universal Human Rights Month is a month-long occasion to commemorate, show appreciation for, and celebrate the vital tenets of human rights. The exposition was conceived by the United Nations General Assembly in 1950 as a counteractive action against the dehumanization brought on by World War Two.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted amid this battle and presented as a landmark declaration to guarantee that never again would individuals be handled as their rulers saw fit. In light of its distinguished status, it is natural that December 10th – Human Rights Day – has been commended as International Human Rights Day.

In spite of being worthy of its weight in gold at birth, universal rights have been grossly limited as time has advanced. Sadly today’s world does not just ignore these provincial guarantees but neglects them.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an occasion celebrated every year on the 31st of December, at the end of all twelve months? On this day people try to celebrate with friends and family. People are wassailing out their old year that has passed away to welcome a brand-new one.

Christmas is upon us once more! From December 18th through January 1st, many people will attend church services, hang stockings by the fireplace, cook up a wonderful Christmas feast, give presents to loved ones…And some will have great parties until morning comes! But what exactly is New Year’s Eve?

On New Year’s Eve nighttime, many cities put on wonderful fireworks displays for free just for everyone who wants to come to see them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, once you have determined how much money you can put away each month for the holidays, it is important to set up a strict budget. Boxing Day offers are often tempting because stores slash prices well below their regular baseline, but if you aren’t paying attention it’s easy to empty your wallet in one shopping spree.

If you do feel that Christmas came too quickly this year or just don’t have the funds available to buy gifts for everyone on your list because of holiday debt, make sure to check out peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sites like Rather Be Shopping Lending Club and Prosper, were people willing to loan others money for an affordable interest rate. This way you can pay off your bills without making drastic sacrifices.

Happy holidays!

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