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Customizing Content Management Systems

The user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features make online CMS a handy tool of operation to cater to the needs of a growing business- especially if the growth needs to be reflected in the online portfolio. So that when you design a website with CMS, you are giving a template to your client, which will be customized to his evolving business requirements. Therefore, you have a solution that seamlessly connects to the present needs and future prospects of your client’s business- an online business model that grows and expands with time, similar to a real-time business scenario.

Apart from the hassle-free approaches of CMS, which any non-technical user can work upon, the features and utilities offered to web designers are also unrivaled in terms of operability, functionality and customizability.

Let us explore as to how online content management system is web designer– friendly.

The first and foremost highlight in customizing CMS is the advantage of handling multiple websites at the same time. Even though most of the available CMS do not support this feature except SilverStripe, it can be streamlined with just a bit of programming tweaks. This way, you can have a common central point to control all your websites without having to navigate to a different platform/interface to manage them individually. Another attractive feature with CMS is that you can bring in the concept of uniqueness to your website by customizing the existing styles, layouts and other utilities so that the end product is well synchronized with what you want to project in your website. Online CMS offers great tools of customization to bring about the “uniquely yours” satisfaction to your clients. Inline with this concept are the plugins, which offer a wide spectrum of custom solutions. In fact any customization to CMS is reflected in the form of a plug-in or a module. To elucidate, Word press has one of the largest plug-in database supported by CMS and its ever-growing user-base is testimony to that.

Over and above the design aspects of the open-source software, the web-friendly functionality in the way of offering SEO features also come to the fore. As it is well known that it is the website content that search engines target, developing search-engine friendly content also becomes imperative, and content management system’s SEO utilities are geared up for full-fledged support.

CMS as a centralized data repository also has frameworks in Component CMS (working at document and sub-document level for security, auditing etc), Enterprise CMS(the various processes of an organization flowing through a common hub), and the web group content management systems(working at work-group level for a small-business set-up).

Many types of CMS have come into being for many platforms – the PHP, ASP, JSP etc. To highlight a few, which are in vogue are: the very famous and live wordpress through its blogging platform; Drupal– for its core CMS functionality with many a customizable utility; Joomla– as an advanced version of DrupalSilverStripe as a PHP CMS with many configurable options, content version control and built-in SEO support; with Text Pattern being popular for its unique blend of simplicity and elegance, and the use of tExtile mark-up language to create rich HTMLExpressionEngine with its intuitive interface, custom global variables, SQLs and built-in versioning system; TYPOlight with innumerable features and configurable options to render enhanced functionality, the JSP-based Alfresco; Cushy CMS a highly simple, language-independent system; the Ruby-based Radiant, which is just optimal with functionality and features etc.

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