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Convert Your Jeep Into an Ultimate Camp Site

You can do practically anything with your Jeep, which is why some long-term fans wind up converting theirs into full-service camping stations. Not only does this support nomadic lifestyles that are becoming more and more popular as workplaces take on more remote roles, it also gives you the opportunity to go truly off-road by ensuring you can always set up a shelter from your Jeep’s current location. There are a few key ingredients to a successful mobile campsite, so make sure you have all the upgrades you need, including gear storage and accessories to provide heat for cooking.

Elevate Your Suspension

Upgraded suspension kits are a first step for most off-road Jeep builds because they are built to provide greater stability and ground clearance than the OEM parts. This makes it easier to take rough terrain and obstacles without doing any damage to your brake and fuel lines, drivetrain, or undercarriage.

Most elevated suspension kits also provide upgraded weight distribution and cargo carrying capacities, so when you camp on the roof the combination of greater height and stability makes it even easier to rest overnight. So how much height should you add? That’s a matter of your preferred activities. Personal taste also plays a role, so don’t be shy about going for as much height as you want when you shop for lift kits and bag suspension upgrades.

Modify Your Roof Tent

Rooftop tents are popular and you can find a number of ready-made builds out there, but if you really want to make the most of your adventure, you will need to personalize your tent top further with upgrades that make it easier to get in and out, to store your gear, and to easily set up or tear down your site when you manage transitions from your mobile daytime activities to a more restful phase.

Tire Upgrades and Other Accessories

Upgrading to a rugged all terrain tire is a good first step when you’re new to Jeep camping and overlanding, but you have a lot more choices. Experienced off-road enthusiasts often keep an extra set of tires and wheels for specialized activities, and some even keep tires for each possible terrain and change them according to the trip they are taking at the moment.

Mickey Thompson mud tires are a popular choice for those facing swampy, muddy terrain as well as those participating in formal mud running events because they channel liquid material away from the center of the tire, helping with traction. By contrast, a good dune tire has knobby, wide spaced treads that provide traction in loose material and have not contouring to channel liquid. These tread pattern differences are most of what makes terrain specialized tires distinct from one another.

In addition to your campsite accessories, tires, and suspension, there are a few areas you may want to upgrade for an even better outdoor experience. Custom lighting helps with visibility at night whether you are mobile or in camp, allowing you to get more done later in the day. This is essential if you decide to make camp late and you need to eat. Dash accessories to control trailer lights or provide connectivity services are also popular, but you can do practically anything with your build if you pick the right accessories.

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