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Considering How Humans Understand Visual Information in Web Design

In the last few years, the importance of having a website has increased up to a great extent. Also, creating websites and user interfaces has become a lot easier. There are so many tools available that it’s now unnecessary to begin from scratch while creating user interfaces. Still, it’s recommended to hire the best web design firm in New York as the expertise and experience experts possess can help you have an appealing website that can get more traffic.

With that said, let’s take a glance at how a human mind and body perceive visual information and how that understanding is used in web design.

The Perceptual Organization Principles

According to Gestalt psychology, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This viewpoint states that a human mind’s ability to organize objects is governed by a few basic laws.

These aren’t simple theories; they’re actual facts on how to arrange visual groups.

Some of the laws, along with some of the most well-known implementations of these concepts, are as follows:

Laws of Similarity

According to the first principle, little elements that are similar are regarded as a group rather than as multiple cases of the same small item. The resemblance could be due to shape, colour, shade, or some other feature. This idea is used in pattern designing and several geometrical and minimalist logo designs.

You certainly used this law unintentionally when making a few featured content boxes for your website that were all the same size. Create a particular shape just for that reason if you want to convey that some content parts are of equal value or hold common data. As a result, your user will immediately identify that design with a certain piece of information.

Law of Proximity

Objects that are closer together are regarded to be member of the same group, according to this law. When the same squares are shown in close, regular vicinity, they generate a sense of grouping.

This idea has been used extensively on the web, particularly when dealing with content loops.

Law of Good Form

This concept, also referred to as The law of Pragnanz or Good Gestalt, asserts that we are more likely to arrange objects together if they make a simple, consistent, and organized pattern. Our brain seeks to break down complicated and visually challenging patterns into several sets of easily comprehendible shapes, which emphasises the necessity of conciseness.

If you keep this principle in mind, you’re less likely to end up with a website full of intricate shapes of content blocks that are linked in your mind via the other principles.

Colour Theory, Perception and Usage

Colour perception and vision are primarily subjective, depending on how viewers’ brains respond to light waves reflected by colourful objects or forms. The rule is that different people see the same item in various colours, even if they don’t have any visual impairments.

Colour Properties

Hue, value, and intensity are the three objective characteristics of colour.

  • Hue is the name of a colour as it shows on the colour wheel or in a rainbow. The six primary hues are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.
  • The lightness or darkness of a colour is measured in value, which is expressed as high-value for light colours and low-value for dark colours.
  • Intensity defines the brightness or dimness of a colour; this means that a colour with the same hue and value might be muted or brightened by producing distinct colour outputs.

Colour Contrasts

When choosing a colour palette for your website, you should be aware of colour contrasts, which can help you choose the ideal colour values for the best output.

Contrast of hue

Strong contrasts are created by the full strength of yellow, red, and blue. Secondary colours are less distinct than primary colours, but they perform well like tertiary colours, however neither produces the same dramatic results as main colours.

Complementary contrast

When two hues are combined together to make a neutral grey, they are in complementary contrast. These are sometimes known as odd pairings. When they’re close together, they boost vividness and intensity; when they’re mixed together, they cancel out each other.

Light-Dark contrast:

Try different combinations of the same hue if you want to change it up a bit with a single-colour website. You can use light-dark contrast to give your users theme colour options if you want to get great results. Grayscale design also makes use of this contrast.

A Final Word

When dealing with a new theme or updating a current one, try to arrange your content using perceptual principles, and ensure following the colour standards when providing your design its final form and hue. Doing it on your own will be tough. This is why it is recommended to hire Map-it Inc. a reliable web design agency to help you create an engaging website. 

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