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Common Questions Answered About Non-Anesthesia Dog Teeth Cleaning

You might have seen pet owners looking for ‘non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning near me. That’s because they care for their dogs! Let’s understand what non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning is and why it’s crucial.

Is non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning safe?

When you talk about non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning, one of the most common questions that you’ll come across is – Is it safe? To be frank, yes it is! A vet might not use anesthesia but some other approach for your pet. So, that’s true. You can go for pets’ teeth cleaning without anesthesia. Most pet owners are scared because their pets have heart conditions. All the myths about this process being unsafe are not true. It’s completely safe and doesn’t need any medication and blood work. Plus, there are no side effects and no recovery time. It’s performed by dental technicians. No need to be afraid anymore!

What exactly is non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning?

During non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning, your pet’s teeth are cleaned with an alternative approach. They are scraped below and above the gum line. All the tartar and plaque are removed gently and then rinsed away. It’s a non-invasive process that’s similar to your teeth cleaning. Each pet is treated with special instruments, especially the one with blunt edges. It’s important to use in the areas where your pet’s teeth require deeper cleaning.

Why are vets against non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning?

Most often you see that vets go against this process. That’s because they are concerned about the dental technicians who perform the process. They think that these professionals are not well-trained to work with veterinary support. That’s why they go against the process. It’s believed that this process requires anesthetic dental training and expertise. Another reason is they think that oral exams are not performed well. The technician isn’t able to identify health issues while cleaning.

Which Pets are good candidates for non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning?

If your dog has a tiny amount of tartar, the vets will not need any deep pockets for the initial examination. If the pet is friendly, that’s a good sign. Friendliness will benefit them the most from non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning. Senior pets are wonderful when it comes to dental cleaning. They know how to adjust and stay patient. But, older dogs might be prone to hypothermia because of their slow metabolism. Recovery from anesthesia might take time for them. It’s better to keep your dogs relaxed and happy right before the treatment. Dogs with tartar-encrusted teeth might have –

  • Poor kidney and liver functions
  • Congenital heart failure
  • Skin infections, hot injuries
  • History of seizures

The senior pets with health issues are a good fit for non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning. Because they are experienced. But, even the young pets can do very well with such examinations. So, no matter what the age of your pet is. Any pet can go for a non-anesthesia dog teeth cleaning process.

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