Home Business Clear Span Buildings: The Best Space Solution for Businesses

Clear Span Buildings: The Best Space Solution for Businesses

Clear Span Buildings

If you are looking for a building with massive space to use for a factory, showroom, large farm storage facility, or any other industry, clear span buildings are the best choice. These are massive temporary structures made of steel frames and fabric or PVC covers. Despite their large space, they are affordable and durable. They are only available for purchase and not for hire because they are so large.

Clear span buildings are the best solution for many entrepreneurs, and they come with numerous benefits apart from just affordability. After you read this article, you will want to use these temporary structures for your upcoming business or to upgrade your existing one.

How Clear Span Buildings Are Made

These structures are made in a factory using steel frames and fabric or PVC walls and roofs, as mentioned. Although the factory can customize yours, most of them are modular temporary structures that come in predetermined sizes. Generally, they are wide and high to give ample space to the businesses that use them.

Modular clear span buildings are fast to set up on your site because they are already fabricated while customized structures might take some weeks to complete. Hence, it is important to plan well to avoid delays in setting up your business.

Options for Clear Span Buildings

If you are looking for clear span buildings to set up a business, you will need to select one option from those available. Here are the popular options.

Plain clear span buildings – Here, there is just the ordinary clear span structure that can be used for a variety of businesses such as auto showrooms, factories, farm storage facilities, or any other. This could have a fabric cover and could come in a rectangular shape or dome shape.

Insulated clear span buildings – Are you looking for a space solution for a sensitive business? Try insulated clear span buildings that protect goods against extreme temperatures. Additionally, they come with a PVC roof, which is stronger to handle snowstorms and rain. These may have added amenities such as solar lighting and air conditioning as well. You can browse around these guys to discover more about these clear span buildings.

Benefits of Using Clear Span Buildings

Large unpartitioned space – The main purpose of clear span structures is to create a large space for the businesses we have mentioned. They can be up to 60 m wide and 12 m high. They do not have any partitions or pillars in the middle, making it possible to organize your space or accommodate large machines and production areas for your factory. Some logistics businesses may add a loading bay at the entrance to ensure that no goods are exposed to extreme weather.

Affordable structures – Clear span buildings are affordable when compared to brick-and-mortar structures of the same size. Experts claim that entrepreneurs can save up to 40% on building costs. If you are lucky enough to find a service provider who leases these structures for short-term use, you can save more.

Durable solution – Clear span structures are made of up to 120 mm steel frames to ensure they are sturdy and stand upright for many years. Although they are categorized as temporary spaces, they can last for many years, hence maximizing your ROI. The PVC covers are also durable and strong. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that they do not require a lot of maintenance.


Whether you are involved in the logistics business, factory operations, farming, or any other business that requires a large volume of space, clear span buildings are your best solution. From the insights that we have shared, you can see that these structures are the best. You should read more about these structures to make the right decision.













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