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CC Full Form – Cubic Centimeter

What is the full form of CC?

CC Full Form: Cubic Centimeter, Carbon Copy, Credit card, Country code

There are many full forms or meanings of CC; out of that, four are very famous. Let’s discuss all these full forms in detail, one by one.

Cubic centimeter is the first full form of CC. It is a unit of measure for volume and is denoted by cm3. A cubic centimeter is used to measure the volume of a three-dimensional object.

Carbon copy is the second full form of CC. It is an old term used in typewriting, which means to make an exact copy of a document on another piece of paper. This was done to ensure that the original document was not damaged or lost.

A credit card is the third full form of CC. A credit card is a plastic card that allows you to borrow carsh from a financial institution. Your credit score usually determines the amount of money you can borrow. A credit card also allows you to purchase items or services without paying for them immediately. The interest rate on a credit card is usually higher than the interest rate on loan.

Lastly, the country code is the fourth full form of CC. A country code is a two-letter code used to identify a country. For example, CA is the code for Canada and UK is the code for the United Kingdom. Country codes are used in telecommunications and international shipping.

Some other famous full forms of CC

  • CC- Community Center (on Youtube and other places)
  • CC- Cricket Club (in Cricket game)
  • CC- Carrying Capacity (in Transportation)
  • CC- Central control (In Military)

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