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Burnham Gas Boiler Replacement And The Risks of Overheating

The boilers used at home are typically the best ones for heat, but they need careful maintenance and replacement after a suitable period. The proper maintenance and replacement once in a few months ensure the boiler’s best performance and long life. If you are using a Burnham gas boiler with steam heat production, you’ll need to make the water three to four times a month. If your boiler is requiring water make up more than three or four times, it means the water is leaking. There might be other issues in the boiler if you do not keep a check. Let us put an eye on the common problems of overheated boilers and their replacement.

Mostly, the homeowners are not aware of the issue in their boiler. If you add water regularly to the cast steam boiler,  you might not be mindful of how much water the boiler is taking in. If your Burnham gas boiler has an automatic water valve, it can end up creating a hole or crack in the system. The gap may be caused due to oxygen corrosion inside the boiler.  The reason? Oxygen corrosion mainly occurs in cast iron boilers when they consume a lot of water. The oxygen is released from the boiling water and creates a hole in the boiler’s metal. 

To check if the Burnham gas boiler has a hole, fill the boiler up to the upper piping. If there is water pouring out from the lower part of your boiler, you’ll know that there is a problem. If it is the case with your boiler, it might be a problem if you do not get it fixed. The boilers may lead to significant harm if you operate them with a crack or a hole. 

How to replace it? 

If you are using an older model of Burnham gas boiler series, like Independence Series 105k BTU, prefer to replace it with a new one. You can consider installing a new model like the Burnham SIN5 with electronic ignition. You can also install an automatic water feeder with a meter to monitor the amount of water your system consumes. 

What should be my boiler’s average temperature?

The average temperature for Burnham gas boilers is 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It provides the right level required for cold weather temperatures. If you can change the temperature manually, remember not to set it higher than 210°F. Try to remain at 190 degrees Fahrenheit minimum if you need some extra heat. Once your boiler starts to go over 212°F, you may have to face serious consequences. 

If the temperature of your boiler rises over the levels listed above, you have a severe problem. A rapid reduction in pressure when a boiler reaches 220°F might cause the tank to rupture.


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