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Ways to Boost your Business Productivity

When you’re running a business, productivity is one of the key metrics you want to focus on. IT basically refers to how effectively your team works and how efficiently it gets tasks done. A good rule of thumb is to see how much time it takes on average to get daily tasks completed. In addition, you need to make sure your employees are clear about your business goals and deadlines. Once you know where things stand, then you can take the appropriate measures to improve business productivity. These measures should not be rigid, and take in account that your employees are human beings. They truly want you to stand with them when they are in trouble. They need your assistance while they are stuck in a big problem and required a experienced person for the ideas

First of all, you need to determine what your productivity goal is. For cable networks like Spectrum TV, these goals would translate into maximum subscriptions sold and complaints tackles. Similarly, take into account what your team’s KPIs are, and how much time and resources they require to complete them. Then, you can identify productivity issues and take all the measures necessary to eliminate them. Most of these measures are related to employee well-being, so make sure you take their feedback into account as well. Those who aren’t so much on taking the feedback can’t meet the well-being of the employees.

Communicate with Your Employees

You need to communicate with your employees and see what hurdles they are facing. This will help you reduce any elements which come in the way of their productivity. This can be anything from your approval hierarchy, to the internet problems in your office. There must be hesitation for them to ask about anything if it’s about work or any other thing that is related to office. Also, it must the best practice for the employer to ask the employees if they are facing issues with any kind of thing. Get to know the things and try to figure it out with them so they can trust you more and can also learn from you.

Talk to your employees to learn about these issues, and figure out a way to resolve them. Furthermore, you should also take this opportunity to be familiar with the workplace dynamics and see whether everyone is working well with each other. 

Create A Comfortable Environment

Most people will not perform at their best if they are not comfortable in their workplace. You need to make sure your workplace offers a comfortable environment for employees, so that they can work better. Just a simple example, if your sleeping pace is not comfortable, then you will not sleep well, or when you were sleeping and your neighbors are playing songs loudly, would you be able to sleep? Just a common example of how much environment matters 

This environment also refers to the general interactions. You should encourage employees to talk and interact with each other, so that they feel refreshed. Often, they will be able to help each other with work-related tasks as well. These water cooler discussions are an essential part of the workplace and help people perform better when they get back to their desks. 

Consider Cultural Fit When Hiring

Business productivity depends a lot on how your teams are working with each other. You should promote this synergy, and consider it when hiring new recruits as well. When interviewing people, make sure they do not hold problematic views at odds with your organization. Otherwise, there will be friction between your employees. This friction can cause a huge hit on business productivity. 

Therefore, you need to try and ensure your employees will get along with each other. This will promote productivity and will prevent potential HR issues down the line. 

Hold Less Meetings

You’re not helping your business if you keep calling in your employees for meetings. If something can be communicated via email, then take that route. Of course, do have short stand-up meetings to see where things are, but do not hole up with your team in conference rooms to discuss things that they could already be doing. Or if one employee has did something wrong, don’t call a meeting for telling him his mistake. Just simply, email him about the thing or do it one o one. If you are pointing mistake in front of all other, then it will not put a positive impact on him/her.

Furthermore, meetings also disrupt your employees’ workflow, and break off their momentum. So, avoid too many meetings, and just have a regular weekly meeting to catch up with your team. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting everyone’s time. 

Empower Your Employees

Often, employees get stuck with tasks which have a long approval or vetting process. Understandably, business owners and department heads have a lot on their plates. You should not micromanage your team and should empower them to make these decisions. 

You need to trust the people you’ve hired to do their jobs, and just take a look at the work once it’s done. Do not put in arduous approval and review processes at every step of the way, or you’ll slow down their productivity. Instead, let them make these decisions and justify them with the abilities you hired them for. 

Measure Productivity Metrics

You cannot just estimate how productive your team is. You need some metrics in place, depending on the nature of your industry. These include the end results, clients gained, ROI, and time spent on a task. If your annual turnover is less then the previous year, don’t put all on the employees, find out the reason because it may also occur due to some other thing.

Work with your team to create a proper productivity indicator metric, and hold employee reviews according to these metrics. 

Basically, the best ways to boost business productivity are more employee-inclined. You need to work on methods to help your team perform its best and get you the results you want.  


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