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Beyond Online Bullying Prevention Training

Any training that does not work in real-life situations is wasted. Being able to take meaningful action after bullying prevention training online is therefore crucial. 

As we can never predict the situations we might find ourselves in, it is additionally critical that the knowledge, skills and resources we acquire during workplace harassment prevention for employees, are transferable. 

Beyond understanding the psychological and behavioural dynamics of harassment and bullying, including how best to protect ourselves, we need to underpin this with our knowledge of ourselves to strengthen our response actions. 

It is always best to harness one’s top strengths when faced with challenging situations. The more realistic we are about who we are and what capabilities we possess when under duress, the more likely we are to formulate workable strategies in our defence. 

For example, if we are good at networking, this will, in all probability, mean we have the right people to turn to in a time of crisis.

Maximising learning

During bullying prevention training online, you will be exposed to a range of stories and potential scenarios. With self-reflection and insight, we can project ourselves into these and proactively look at where our specific challenges might lie and prepare to protect ourselves. The goal is preparedness. 

A good way to expand this understanding of ourselves, as part of the training process towards effective action, is to get feedback on ourselves from others we trust. They may see aspects of our natural behaviour and thinking that will be beneficial. 

Online equality and diversity training, in conjunction with bullying and harassment prevention training, is also useful as it gives us the confidence to be ourselves, whatever the situation. 

Our rights and entitlement not to tolerate what is personally unacceptable to us will be more firmly established to bolster our defence responses. This learning will also give us the resolve we need to take charge of our lives and outcomes even when this involves significant difficulties and challenges. 

With greater awareness of these topics, we are also more likely to spot danger at an early stage. This has the potential to allow us to consider a broader range of action to deal with whatever we are confronted with. 

De-escalation can often be achieved through the potential victim, warning perpetrators that there will be real consequences to bullying and harassment. We can also begin to practise new habits in response to learning. This might include practising conflict management, for example, or speaking up more on our opinions and views. 

One of the more crucial aspects of workplace harassment prevention for employees is creating the correct mindset. When our minds have the correct orientation, following through on effective action becomes easier. We have clarity of perspective and don’t have to second-guess ourselves. 

This is part of the empowerment process that works to our advantage, even in unpredictable circumstances. Self-reliance is enhanced as the mind is strengthened to withstand any potential abusive onslaughts. 

Whilst there are no guarantees in life, there is significant reassurance in the knowledge that our best inner resources will be awakened in any situation, through the right learning and training. A sense of well-being is bound to flow when we see beyond merely surviving. 

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