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Best Yoga Styles to Paint Your Mind, Body, and Soul Canvas!

Yoga, an ancient practice that has now progressively become a successful health and fitness trend. We all are pretty familiar with the fact that more than half of us look for a retreat from our busy and chaotic lives. Especially when the pandemic of COVID-19 has given the world a major hit, leaving most of us in an unhealthy state of mind. Have you ever considered any of the yoga styles as your retreat mantra? 

If not, then now is the time to give it a try. Just imagine practicing yoga on a soft mat in your bedroom, around NYC’s Time Square, or a meditation ashram in any corner of India. Sounds pleasing, right? It goes without saying that yoga is also quite famous for its myriad physical and mental benefits. And guess what? Some of them extend to the kitchen table as well. 

Want to know more? Do not worry; we have got your concern of understanding more about this ancient practice covered in the below-mentioned rundown. So before we move on to some of the best, different yoga styles, let’s take a quick look at the summary below. 

Typically, the goal of yoga is to focus on your breath while your mind is calm and accepting. It is known to develop inner awareness, breath, mental and physical strength. But did you know that almost every yoga studio doesn’t have any mirrors? The reason behind this is that absence of mirrors allows the participants to focus on their inner awareness rather than the outer look. As a result, people who normally practice yoga in routine are more satisfied with their bodies while being less critical. This is where the easy yoga styles have given us a chance to promote positive body image and self-esteem. 

Not only this, yoga helps in developing a mindful eating regimen, soothing anxiety and tension in the mind and body. In addition, even many research studies have shown that people who attend yoga classes at least twice or thrice a week or for a total of 3 hours, they were found to have greater endurance, muscle strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, and flexibility. 

Moving on, today, here we are with the most popular styles, i.e.,

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Vinyasa yoga vs. Hatha. 

Normally, they incorporate almost the same poses. The only major difference is the pace. For instance, vinyasa yoga demands to have better breathing control and a faster pace. Whereas, Hatha yoga style, which originated in the 15th Century, works better when done slowly. Keep in mind that the Hatha style involves more stretching, which needs to be held longer. Putting it in the modern fitness mantra style, then Hatha style is more of flexibility and stretching workout, while Vinyasa yoga is like an intense cardio workout. 

Our Next Verdict Is for Ashtanga Versus Vinyasa Yoga. 

The difference between Vinyasa and ashtanga yoga is that they both demand greater strength and are much more than just a basic physical practice. Putting in simple words, the Ashtanga style is a way of life in spiritual practice. The style is known for working on a series of postures that align, open, strengthen, and purify the system. 

So if you don’t mind getting sweaty, and wish to increase your mental and meditation capacity in the long run, then there’s nothing else better than trying the intense and vigorous Ashtanga yoga. Or else, Vinyasa yoga is always a good choice if you want to work on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, sleeping patterns, and even depression and anxiety. 

Are you also a newcomer to these different yoga styles? If yes, it is always perfect to start practicing yoga at home and then take classes. Because willingness is much needed to attend to your own physical and mental well-being. So be kind to yourself, repeat these most hyped yoga styles, and see a healthier and stronger YOU! 

We hope that you enjoyed our post. If there is anything you would like to add, please let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to read your suggestions and thoughts. Till then, keep practicing yoga for your mind, body, and soul! 

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