Best websites to Find Cheap Flights & Book Airline Tickets (2021)

Cheap Flights & Book Airline Tickets

Searching for cheap airline tickets can be a bit overwhelming. There are numerous aspects to consider, including dates, times, pricing, fare class, airline, and other factors. Even if you know when and where you want to fly, where should you check for the best deal?

Wondering which online website you should be booking your airfare with to get the best deal? You’re not alone. When it comes to selecting the finest flight booking site these days, there appears to be an infinite number of alternatives.

Unfortunately, no website always has the best prices.  Most popular OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) have comparable prices, but not all provide similar perks or search functionality. The unsettling truth is that no single flight search engine can guarantee the best price 100% of the time, but using a combination of the correct tools will help assure you’re not overpaying.

However, figuring out how to integrate several booking sites to locate the greatest rates may be difficult. To help you address this problem, we scoured the internet for the best Online Travel Agencies. Here are the five best websites to find Cheap Flights in 2021.

Reliance Travels

Reliance Travels is one of the most popular flight search engines in the United Kingdom. Especially if you’re seeking the best and cheapest flights to Cape Town or any other South African destination. Reliance Travels is a group of highly qualified and dedicated professionals that specializes in flights, hotels, holidays, travel deals, and travel guides.

Reliance Travels is well-known for offering fast and inexpensive flight outcomes. The results are displayed very rapidly, and the flight data are easily visible. You can also choose up to three different departure airports for your flights, and if a cheaper route is found, it will be displayed in your search results.

It’s not flawless, like the other sites, but if you want a service that allows you to compare prices for almost anything in one spot, Reliance travels is a strong option.


Momondo has a lot going for it, but probably its most crucial feature is its extraordinary ability to find the cheapest flights 95% of the time. It accomplishes this by searching nearly every airline, online travel agency (OTA), and ticket booking site available, ultimately obtaining data from over 600 different sources.

Momondo is not only extremely extensive, but it is also really simple to use. Sceptical readers can compare its results to those obtained on other websites, albeit it is unlikely that their results will be better.

Momondo categorises results into useful categories such as “cheapest,” “quickest,” “best,” and “custom,” allowing you to achieve the optimal balance between flying duration and misery. The cheapest days to fly are also visually shown at the top of the page in bar graphs, with specific costs readable by just hovering over a given bar.

The disadvantage of Momondo is that it can take a long time to load; however, while it is doing so, you can think about how much money you will save by using it.

Lastminute offers all-inclusive packages that combine flights with multiple airlines and accommodations for all budgets. is particularly adept at spotting last-minute weekend vacations in pretty much every European city you can fly to, as the name suggests. You’ll be spoiled for choice with thousands of flights and over 500,000 hotels to choose from.

When you’re looking for flights, the UI isn’t the most appealing, and it may get a little cluttered. However, the sheer number of flights available and the various payment choices compensate for this.

As an added benefit, is the official distributor of Eurostar holiday packages, not only to Eurostar towns like Paris, Lille, and Brussels but also to additional French and Belgian cities that may be reached via connecting trains. So, if you want to take a break just over the channel, may be your best bet for finding a great offer.


Skyscanner is a popular metasearch engine that searches hundreds of different travel companies for the best deals. Nonstop flights may be booked specifically through the site, and there’s moreover a valuable “anyplace” alternative in case you do not have a particular goal in mind and just need to see what’s available.

The “best” option (based on a price/speed combination), as well as the quickest and cheapest, are listed in the search results, and you may filter by airline, alliance, a number of stops, and flight schedules.

Skyscanner features a unique “Greener flights” filter that reveals only itineraries with lower-than-average CO2 emissions based on your search, which is ideal for travellers concerned about the environmental impact of their travel. In your search results, the site also recommends some routes as a “greener choice.”

What is the key takeaway? It is helpful to identify which of these sites match your trip-booking demands when selecting which of these sites are the finest for you to compare prices with.

Do you want to see the bag fees right away? Do you want a simple “flexible dates” function, or are your dates set in stone? Do you want to see pricing for several places if your trip plans are flexible? The capabilities of various flight booking websites vary.

Once you’ve decided which site is worth your time based on your itinerary, check costs with a few others to ensure you’re getting the greatest value. In addition, always check the airline’s own website: OTAs are good at displaying fees related to a specific ticket, but comparing fare options (classes such as basic economy vs. economy) on one flight is more difficult.

Besides, if you need to learn more about booking cheap airline tickets and the most up to date travel patterns, please visit Reliance Travels: the foremost reliable source of information for travellers.


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