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Top 10 Best Scary Xmas Movies

For all those hardcore horror movies fans out there, why should you be left out this holiday season? What with all these feel good movies being shown on a daily basis, it’s enough to make you nauseous… So we have scoured the Internet to bring you Christmas holiday horrors, complete with axe wielding Santa’s and killer elves. Just to cheer you up!

The norm over Christmas is to make yourself feel better by watching all these touching movies, but what if you don’t want to feel good about yourself. What if you just want a good scare?

You will probably struggle to find scary films on the terrestrial channels over Christmas, so our recommendation is to go out and hire some or download them from the Internet to get your dose of thrills and blood spills. Just to keep the old ticker jumping!

And these horrors we have found have scares by the bucket load, so switch off the lights,grab your cushion and settle down for the night!!

So here are 10 Scary Xmas Movies…

Black Christmas

Billy is born to a dysfunctional mother whom rejects him at birth. She kills her husband and Billy sees every detail, she then locks him away in the attic for years. In his teenage years he escapes, kills his mother and step-father before being taken to Clark Sanatorium. Years later he breaks out of there too, intent on spending Christmas with his family. But little does he know that his former home is now a sorority house and then the killing spree begins

Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out)

A young boy watches in horror as his mother frolics with Santa Claus on Christmas eve, destroying his perception of Santa when he discovers he doesn’t exist. As this boy grows up he becomes obsessed with other children’s behaviour and becoming Santa. Spiraling further into his delusions. He finally snaps when insulted by people at a church and the bloody murders begin…


Crazy Nazi’s have taken over a department store. They have also kidnapped a virgin with the intention of breeding her with a summoned elf from hell. This will produce a superhuman elf race, just like Hitler wanted…But can the department store Santa stop them in time?

Jack Frost

On his way to his execution a serial killer is involved in a car wreck and dies. He somehow comes back as as a killer snowman and the cold killing starts…

The Nightmare Before Christmas

An animated story the Pumpkin King of Halloween who decides this year he would rather do Christmas than Halloween. He encourages all his town to join in, but the creepy critters of Halloween Town just can’t quite get it right…

Santa’s Slay

The Devil’s son has lost a bet with an Angel and as his punishment he has to become Santa for a 1000 years. But when the time is up nice Santa soon becomes murderous Santa!

Silent Night, Bloody Night (Night Of The Dark Full Moon)

When Wilford Butler returns home on Christmas Eve, he is shocked to find his family home turned into a Metal Institution for the criminally insane. That very same day he is burned to death and the towns folk believe it to be an accident. The Metal Home is shut down anyway and years later his grandson wants to sell up, but the towns people don’t want people going near the house. Especially now when an escaped serial killer has set up shop in the empty home.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

A young boy is traumatised by the murder of his parent at the hands of a thief dressed as Santa. He is shipped off to an orphanage for most of his childhood, where the Mother Superior abuses him. He finally snaps after being made to wear a Santa suit and the killings begin…

Don’t Open Till Christmas

A vicious murderer seems hell bent on killing anyone in a Santa suit, in strange, violent and very different ways. Inspector Harris has the unenviable task of catching this extremely violent madman, but it’s not going to be easy…

Santa Claus

A very jovial Santa is preparing for the big day at his home in space, where he watches all the good children of the world. While Lucifer is preparing his favourite demon Pitch to slay Santa.Lucifer wants all the children to do unspeakable evil deeds and make Santa angry. A kaleidoscope of strange things await you in this movie…
Think I’m going to rent some of these movies to take with us to the holiday lodges in Devon, should be fun! Whatever you are watching this Holiday Season, have a good on.


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