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Bangles, Bracelets, and Rings – A Stunning Hand Jewelry Collection for You

There are many categories of jewelry. Even in the earlier times, women from different parts of the world wore pieces of jewelry differently. Queens and royals were usually decked from head to toe, wearing crowns, tiaras, headbands, large necklaces, armbands, waistbands, bangles, rings, anklets or payals, toe rings, etc. Their jewelry was most often than not made up of real precious and semi-precious metals like gold, diamonds, gemstones like rubies, emeralds, pearls, etc. Tribal women from different areas of the globe would wear several armbands and bangles along with a certain type of shell jewelry or ones made out of elephant’s teeth. Similarly, as people grew and choices evolved, the styles of wearing these ornaments also changed. 

The trends today – In today’s times, the trends have primarily shifted to minimalism and class. Women strive to look elegant and chic and achieve them with the most basic of jewels that they can wear. Unless there is a time for a specific occasion, most women choose to wear a simple, single piece of jewelry with daily outfits, unlike in the olden days. Specific to a category, most women choose to don these ornaments on certain parts like the neck, arms, fingers, etc.

The collection of hand jewelry – Rings, bracelets, bangles, etc is super easy to wear and gives a polished and royal look. One can easily wear these on daily occasions and can give a solid boost to their look and ensemble in a hassle-free manner. Even modern women have given into the trends of jewelry and therefore, these designs are much in demand. 

Here is a look at the beautiful collection in these categories at this brand:

Bangles – The epitome of versatility and elegance can be achieved with this assortment of bangles for women. They are more than simply wrist ornaments as they signify much more. The collection ranges from heavier designs in gold, diamonds, and gemstones that can be worn on events and even much lighter ones that a woman can feel comfortable carrying around daily. The designs are functional enough to be worn on tees or party tops along with Indian attires as well. Since the jewelry needs are rapidly changing with the times, the designers make it a point to update the collection every season. 

Bracelets – Looking for something minimal and trendy? Bracelets would be the ideal choice for this category. Whether you are working at home, managing a home, going to the office, or attending a party, this accessory can become super handy to meet all your needs. Make statement jewelry your way of life by adopting them to be a part of your everyday routine. Sparkle away in a gown or shine in the brilliance of a sundress with a gorgeous bracelet on your hand. With more than 8000 designs in trendy jewelry pieces, select the ones that suit your style and taste the best. Get party-ready with one twist on the wrist. Charm bracelets, open cuffs, thin and thick bands, all of these would be ready at your disposal. 

Rings – Rings have been an indispensable part of women’s jewelry since time immemorial. Not only in India but also in other parts of the world, women, and even men, were seen wearing rings commonly. Finger rings have now become compatible with the changing times and have become much handier and easier to wear. They are now not just crowns to the fingers but also an important part of the outfit on the whole. Designer rings, gemstone rings, solitaires, gold bands, two-finger rings, etc all have their specific purpose and women choose them for events in their lives. Even college-going girls can wear rings that are light and subtle thus enhancing their fashion sense in a minimalistic manner. 

Hand jewelry is basic, subtle, minimal, and yet fashionable. This style is timeless and beloved by most women. Shop from this exclusive collection with a click of a button and build your jewelry boxes with the most unique pieces in the market. 

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