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BA Full Form – Bachelor of Arts

What is the full form of BA?

BA Full Form – Bachelor of Arts

BA full form is Bachelor of Arts. It is an undergraduate course. The duration of this course is three years. The subjects covered in this course are English, History, Economics, and Politics. This course is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge base in the humanities and social sciences. After completing this course, students can pursue a career in teaching, research, or any other field related to the humanities and social sciences.

Eligibility for BA- Bachelor of Arts course-

To be eligible for the BA course, you must have completed your schooling with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. You must also have studied Arts/Humanities subjects at the senior secondary level. Suppose you have not studied Arts/Humanities subjects at the senior secondary level. In that case, you may still be eligible for the course if you have completed a Diploma in any discipline from a recognized university or institution.

Admission Procedure

Most colleges offer direct admission to students based on their 12th-grade marks in India. This means that you can get into your college of choice simply by getting good marks in your final high school exams.

However, a few things to keep in mind if you want to secure direct admission. First, make sure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria set by the college. For example, many colleges require a minimum percentage of marks to be considered for admission. Secondly, some colleges may have additional entrance exams or interviews that you must clear to be eligible for admission. Be sure to check with your chosen college about their specific admission requirements.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for this course is negligible as most colleges are government-run. Prices in private colleges can range from ₹ 5000 to 50000 feet per year. However, the quality of education provided in government colleges is not always up to the mark. Private colleges usually offer better infrastructure and facilities. Therefore, it is important to choose a college wisely based on your budget and preference.

BA courses Available in India-
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hindi.
  • Bachelor of Arts in History.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interior Designing.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social works.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Home Science.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Bengali.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Yoga.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Physical education.
  • Bachelor of Arts in other regional languages such as Odiya, Tamil, Telugu, and others.

Best Career options after BA- Bachelor of Arts course-

After completing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) course, students have many different career options. They can choose to enter the workforce, start their own business, or pursue further study.

Those who decide to enter the workforce may find themselves in various roles, depending on their area of study. For example, those with a BA in English could become English teachers, editors, or writers. Those with a BA in History may work as historians, curators, or archivists. And those with a BA in Psychology could work as counsellors, therapists, or research assistants.

Those who decide to start their own business may use their BA to create businesses in various industries. For example, someone with a BA in Art may start an art gallery, while someone with a BA in Business may start their marketing firm. The sky is the limit for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a BA!

Salary after BA course-

If you have adequately studied during your BA course, you can expect to receive a good salary. Your exact salary will depend on the company you work for and your role within the organization. However, with a reasonable degree from a reputable university, you should be able to negotiate a competitive salary.

List of best top BA colleges in India-
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Gargi College, New Delhi
  • Shri Venkateshwara College, New Delhi
  • ST. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Presidency University, Kolkata
  • Christ University, Bengaluru
  • Shri Ram Colleges of Commerce, New Delhi
  • St Stephen’s College, New Delhi
  • Hans Raj College, New Delhi
  • Symbiosis College, Pune
  • Sophia College for Women, Mumbai

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