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Artificial Intelligence and Gambling – What is what?

Artificial intelligence in the gambling industry is still at the implementation stage. Experienced in this business experts say that the use of such technology in the near future will help to get rid of cheating forever. Also, gambling will be able to go to a better and higher quality level.

What is Artificial Intelligence in the Area of Gambling?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of technical characteristics of a computer system and its working algorithms, which are designed to analyze the collected information, predict and make decisions inherent to a real person. In the field of gambling, AI is considered a reliable way to protect against the use of fraudulent schemes. It has already been implemented at Australian casino sites, whose customers may not worry about their own money.

Thus, how does AI work in the gambling industry? Its most useful class is machine learning. The computer is capable of doing the following:

  • recognition of human speech and graphic information;
  • data storage;
  • predicting results based on the collected information;
  • calculating different ways to solve the situation.

After gambling began to fill the space of the Internet actively, uploading to online casino sites, the number of players has also increased. As a result, the amount of information that is processed has increased.

The simplest virtual slot machine is served by a large number of employees of the gambling establishment. This leads to great material losses, and the owner does not receive the income he had hoped for. Therefore, he has a need to use AI, which is able to perform all the work of the staff faster and better. At the same time, the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining the software will be much cheaper than the salary of the employees. You can learn more about AI implementation in the following article  

The tasks of AI in the gambling industry are as follows:

Quick responses to player inquiries The work of the online chat has started. The main purpose of the bot is to quickly and efficiently resolve problems with the user. If the player behaves inappropriately, the computer will not change its reaction, so it will continue to answer questions and provide information.  
Attracting new customers and their holding The system automatically collects information about users, highlights their preferences and interests. Therefore, the AI can quickly offer exactly those options of gambling entertainment or additional bonuses that will bring the action of the gamer into activity.
Predicting the possible size of the client’s profits and offering only financially available functionality This ability of the system allows the player to stay on the platform as long as possible. Also, the gamer is not worried about spending all his money on gambling, because the AI picks up only the appropriate requests.
Saving cash capital New virtual casinos do not have the benefit of hiring employees to develop and promote the gaming platform. This is due to the fact that using an AI program will have a much quicker payback.

The computer is also able to establish the location of the mobile gadget or desktop computer, from which the user enters the site and starts gambling. The use of such an algorithm makes it possible to maximize revenue and provide high quality customer service.

AI is used to create a simulation of a real game with an opponent, such as two up casino play. This type of casinos and institutions with poker bots is in demand among beginners who are trying to gain gambling skills. There is no way to win in such games, but the user can understand the rules and benefits of the chosen gambling entertainment.

Artificial intelligence is an assistant to gamblers

Artificial intelligence helps casinos identify each customer in order to keep addicted users from doing unwanted things. Also, the algorithm to be implemented will allow closing the access to gambling entertainment for underage users. If with the second question everything is clear, because the persons under the age of majority cannot gamble. But the first question will be much more interesting. You can learn more about gambling addiction at

The task of AI is to analyze the whole gaming activity of the casino customer, including the amount of time he spends on gambling entertainment, what bets he prefers to make, his reaction to the obtained result, etc. In case the algorithm manages to detect suspicious behavior of the gamer, it can automatically block his profile or restrict him in certain directions. 

Because of this, the introduction of AI into the operation of online casinos and gambling launches makes gambling more responsible.

Artificial Intelligence and Gambling

The AI is capable of playing a variety of games, ranging from regular checkers to poker. But unlike the games that use logical thinking, poker involves secret information. To win at poker, the AI employed a method that is typically used in games with insufficient information. Throughout the gameplay, the algorithm took into account all of its shortcomings and mistakes, and made changes to the plan of action. And thanks to machine learning, it simultaneously analyzed the mistakes of its human opponents. The machine’s victory was due to the fact that it divided the entire game into several parts, which could be modeled and made adjustments.

If we consider the AI in roulette, we can conclude: there is also a certain pattern of falling out winning combinations. The ball moves along the rotating roulette wheel with certain sounds. In this case, some of them fall out much more often than others. If you notice this principle, you can earn good money. But in this case, do not trust your hearing and the algorithm too much. After all, they can also be tricky. 


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