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5 Best Animeflix Alternatives

Introduction Animeflix Alternatives is one of the best Anime Streaming services you can access. It is as good as AnimeNetwork and AnimeNfo (of course as long as you have a high-speed internet connection, like at least 5Mbps). AnimeFlix has some of the best Anime dubbed into English that you can use to watch for free; however, AnimeFlix also has some pretty impressive Anime that are subbed and encoded in 1080P and 720P (dependent on your internet speed). If you want Anime on demand with great quality anime streaming, make sure to bookmark AnimeFlix before your next anime binge-watching session.

Top 5 Animeflix Alternatives


it is a popular site that offers thousands of anime for its user to enjoy. It is accessible online, and the best part about it is that there are no geographical limitations on any platform. There are two ways users can get access to this service; either buy a subscription or view adverts while watching shows. There isn’t yet an option to subscribe through PayPal or credit cards like other sites, although they say they will be adding this feature in the future.

GoGoAnime provides nine different quality options (the highest being 1080p) ranging from 240p onwards which makes it possible for people with bad internet connections to watch episodes without buffering issues. They manage this feat by using bits torrents which is a file distribution protocol so that users can download.


the best AnimeFlix alternative that ever happened. There are also mobile-friendly apps available for iOS and Android devices which will help the users to watch the anime in full-screen mode, and this makes it become a must-watch app for anime lovers.

KissAnime is an online video service provider, and thus they hold only limited licenses of their content with them. This might be an issue with some people who love high quality but KissAnime is doing pretty fine in its job when compared to other services. This one has all the features that we need in our Best Anime Flix Alternative list app and it can definitely compete against its competitors out there! You can enjoy the same features on the android version as well which.


Refers to the best AnimeFlix alternative that is good enough for the users who loved the dubbed content. The best part is that one can just watch the content without too many registration issues. It comes with llatest episodes of One-piece, Naruto, Sword Art Online, and similar other popular content. This is the best site for the trending content and the engaging mode.

The service also offers some quality manga content for all its subscribers. Subscribers will get every good thing they look out for in an anime streaming service like unlimited manga reading feature along with online events and voting contests once in a while by Animeland staffs around the world through which you.

A great alternative to AnimeFlix. It provides many of the same features as AnimeFlix, however, it has an original aspect of adding movies. That makes it a little different from AnimeFlix which is usually on its own platform for anime only.

Animeshow. tv has a very good design and contains plenty of options in its library to watch anything you want for free without having to sign up or log in. There are no ads when streaming your anime choices unlike what happens with other free anime streaming sites that have too many ads all over the place including pop-ups giving you an ad every few seconds while watching something which becomes extremely frustrating when you’re trying to concentrate on your show but can’t because there’s just so much.


cloud-streaming video hosting service that is similar to AnimeFlix, but it has a larger anime collection. You can watch any anime on your browser without installing special plug-ins, and you do not even need to leave the website. The number of users of Animestreams is also increasing rapidly which is why more and more videos are being added at a frequent rate. Especially for the past few months when the site looked abandoned, there were no updates for almost six months, but now it receives many new videos per day which make this service one of the best alternatives to AnimeFlix in my opinion if you want simple access to an array of content with different qualities in 480p or 720p HD.

Chia anime

fans, Animeflixnews has a new experience for you. The website is specially designed to bring the best-quality anime and Asian drama. Both old and new titles are available here. If you have not visited this site yet, there are so many reasons why it should be one of your first choices.

This article’s aim is to explain what kinds of features can be found on this website. After all, every anime fan deserves to find out more about the sources they use to watch their favorite series or movies. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have unlimited access to everything that the platform offers though because some materials are just meant for premium users only who pay for monthly subscriptions. For example, there are typically five streaming links available per episode.


the best website to watch anime online. It has high-speed video streaming without any pop-up or registration. AnimeUltima is faster than other streaming sites, it provides clear picture quality of 1080p.

Anime completely captured the hearts of millions around the world, particularly in Japan. We all love watching our favorite shows over and over again, if not for one reason then for another. Streaming websites are definitely heaven’s gift to us because they allow fans to watch their shows wherever they are whenever they want without having to spend a cent on cable package which includes hundreds of channels that we don’t even bother with, but anime is always there giving some meaning into everything else while still being enjoyable for anyone who them regardless of age or background.


the best anime streaming service I have found so far. Anime-Planet has lots of titles, is updated frequently, and has an easy-to-navigate layout. It also distributes via partnerships in the Anime industry.

For those who are able to pay for it, other websites which should be mentioned would be Crunchyroll and Netflix – both big names that provide great viewing experiences too.

The only downside with Crunchyroll would be that they no longer support Linux (Possibly, there might still be workarounds). Netflix however is available on any platform, but sometimes the anime selection isn’t extensive enough or could even lack some recent anime episodes; Though if you wish for something non-anime related to watch then Netflix has plenty!

Dubbed Anime

Apart from anime content, this site also has some really cool cartoons and a large number of TV shows in its kitty. The best part about Animeflix is its huge collection of HD videos for almost all age groups and genders along with its competitor sites such as 9anime and GoGoAnime.

Before we talk more on Animeflix, let us take you through GoGoAnime.


Has some pretty cool anime shows on it, but if you’re looking for something that’s not there then the best backup would be AnimeFlix. They have everything that NyaaTorrents has, plus a lot more TV Shows and Movies which are all available in English Subbed.

They have an option to filter out results based on quality. 720p is high quality. 480p is low-quality. There are also 1080p, DVD/Bluray, etc. Results can be sorted by Seeders or Leechers as well. You can even search for torrents with Manga mode enabled which just gives you images instead of videos (images only). By filtering out your searches like this, you’ll find yourself downloading lots.


For the Anime series, come top on our list. They don’t have as many titles as NyaaTorrents but the quality of Anime they provide is excellent. You can find almost any anime here that you’re looking for, and it’s all available in English Subbed. Some people claim that they even have anime movies, but I haven’t come across one yet.

I’m not sure why this site does not get much publicity, having said that it is still pretty new (launched last year). The quality of videos is superior (compared to NyaaTorrents) and also the site interface looks clean compared to other sites like KickAss Torrents.


is one of the most popular Anime streaming sites, if not the best. With its great look and feel it has gained much attraction. The site is very well organized and navigation through different series becomes easier. Although it’s a legal website, there are a few downsides to using AnimeFrenzy to stream anime online. It lacks some features like open registration, preview episodes, or airing times which you will find on other websites/apps for this category.

The anime portal was launched in May 2008 by Amuse Video Inc (USA). The site grew rapidly thanks to users who re-uploaded its content on YouTube. The company tried to fight this issue legally but failed, so they changed their strategy to become an official of anime content themselves.

Final words

: AnimeFrenzy is one of the most popular websites to watch anime online. Although it’s a legal website, there are a few downsides to using it due to lack of features and missing content at times.

Alternatives: Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Netflix, VRV (Crunchyroll and Funimation channels), Viewster

Anime Flix provides easy and fast access for streaming or downloading the latest anime movies with subtitles in English. The site is free but has lot of limitations like you can’t watch HD quality video here; only 480p videos are available as per our test. One great feature we enjoyed watching was they provide 720p HD quality videos on Facebook login if you want to avoid

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