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An Overview to The Architects Training by SAFeⓇ

There is a significant and vital role played by the architects in SAFeⓇ in the trio of leaders which comprises the Release Train Engineer and product managers. People in these three roles work together in order to guide the ARTs or Agile Release Trains and execute programs in order to enable a constant and persistent flow of value. 

The certification course of SAFeⓇ for Architects training provides the context needed to the candidate in order to align business value with architecture. SAFeⓇ for Architects training teaches how enterprise, solution and system architects deliver collaboratively architectural solutions. Moreover, the training course of certification will also provide one with the tools and guidance they would require in order to effectively work with distributed teams in remote environments. 

Some Important Questions asked by Architects of SAFeⓇ

  1. How can an individual create visibility and clarity into a vision of architecture for an Agile Release Train or ART?
  2. How does an individual scheme the architectural runaway in order to consistently deliver business value?
  3. How does a person execute along with planning for a PI or program increment?

What does the Architects Training by SAFeⓇ include?

The SAFeⓇ for Architects training includes the following:

  1. The course materials are included in the training program of certification for architects by SAFeⓇ.
  2. Candidates can opt for remote learning with the help of the virtual classrooms by SAFeⓇ.
  3. Candidates will be able to gain access to an online and visual workplace called the SAFeⓇ Collaborate.
  4. People who enrol for the Architects training program by SAFeⓇ gets a subscription for one year to the Community Platform by SAFeⓇ. 
  5. They can access the resources, tools and content necessary in order to practice SAFeⓇ on a regular basis. 
  6. Finally, the course includes the certification examination of SAFeⓇ Architect.

What will the attendees of the SAFeⓇ for architects training learn from the course?

The architect training of SAFeⓇ will teach you the following things upon completion:

  1. You will be able to coach and lead team members and architects during the execution and planning of PI upon successful completion of the training.
  2. You will be able to deliver and prepare software continuously and effectively.
  3. You will be able to develop solution roadmaps, intent and vision.
  4. You will be able to communicate and develop the architectural vision.

After the candidate has taken the Architecture training and is prepared to sit for the examination of certification, they have to access the test by logging into the Community Platform of SAFeⓇ. Regardless of the number of questions one could answer, they have to submit the test when the exam timer ends. Based on the number of answered questions, the score will be produced. If there are any questions left unanswered, the computer will automatically mark them as incorrect. If anyone completes attending all the questions before the end of the time, they can submit their answers by clicking the submit button.

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