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For more than two hundred years, the American education system has been based on the right of all citizens to education. Through this principle, the United States has focused on vast educational opportunities for the world, women, oppressed minorities, and the general public. As the world began to adopt American philosophy, the United States abandoned this basic belief and distributed education to other rich and cheap countries.

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For decades, American education lagged behind the technical and technical sciences. Technical schools have been set up in colleges of secondary education and commerce to address these differences. He encouraged students who do not want to enter the technical field and want to pursue higher education. Students who did not participate in the learning process suddenly participated. Students who fail to provide quality education suddenly enter A and B vocational technology courses and for-profit technology institutes.

Today, the number of successful students actively participating in higher education in these two fields is increasing. Vocational schools and commercial colleges are designed to encourage students to pursue technical careers, often with a traditional level of non-liberal arts training. There is a debate over whether students should be directed to specific and extremely narrow technical education programs, or whether all students should be forced to pursue a general education to graduate and eventually complete the season.

Although this contradiction has been going on for generations, the impact of professional training and low-cost industrial enterprises should not be denied. They have successfully taken a large part of the population into industrial occupations. In recent months, however, the Department of Education has begun to question the success of schools, as its graduates cannot guarantee that they will follow the revenue guidelines designed to reflect the success of American education. Will be able to Program The current economic crisis facing our society and this policy of the Department of Education is reducing the number of vocational schools and secondary education across the country. Instead of integrating the traditional and technical fields of education into a unified education system, the federal government is reducing federal funding for vocational education and vocational education.

While the administration and the business community understand that there is a great need for technical education across the country, we are reducing students’ access to education due to major barriers. If there should be a general education in English, literature and art, then less attention should be paid to the field of narrow technology. This sounds like an ineffective argument because both are intended to teach the American people to be competitive in tomorrow’s market. This recent study shows that the effects of college education in the field of general education or in the field of narrow technology benefit all students. Instead of building this building to encourage students to pursue higher education across the country, our focus is on the ability of students to lend to the bank, the only factor that determines whether education is effective or no. This is what the standard set by the Department of Education does.

Instead of focusing on why the cost of education is rising, they are trying to see if they can make enough money to pay off their debts. Their main focus is to ensure that students return to the banks. With the business argument that more foreign workers should be added to meet the growing technical need in the high-tech industry, we are eliminating the education system because we want bank students to pay the bank individually. Capacity determining factors. The quality of their education. If there is no other business that exists in schools across the country today, it is nonsense.

For people with money, the need for private preschoolers, who have benefited from the nature of preparing children for prestigious schools, is growing, with very few American students being selected each year.


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