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About Afton Smith

Afton Smith, also known as Brendan Fraser’s ex-wife, is a renowned actress known for various roles she played in several films before escaping the industry. Born on December 3, 1967 in Long Island, New York City, she is an actress known for the roles in Less Than Zero, Reality Bites and Fried Green Tomatoes. Afton is the name of an American actress, writer and aspiring New York-based ex-wife of actor Brendan Fraser, who was a big name in Hollywood in the late 1990s.

Afton began her acting career in 1987 with the leading role in the film Less Than Zero. Afton Smith began her acting career in 1987 with the film Less than Zero. She began her career in 1987 in the Less than Zero film, in which she starred alongside other notable figures such as Jami Gertz, James Spader and Robert Downey Jr. Aafon Smith was born on Long Island, New York, in 1967.

Afton Smith career

A few years later Afton appeared in the 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes, followed by Reality Bites. However, he received great acclaim for his role as George in The Jungle (1997). He received huge acclaim for playing George in the 1997 film The Jungle.
As an actress, Smith has lived a successful life for more than two decades. To date, she has starred in more than a dozen films, all of which have performed well at the box office. But it was her skyrocketing to fame when she landed a breakout role in hit romantic comedy drama Reality Bites.

In the same year she got a role in The Girl in the Disco, a TV movie. In 1997, Smith played a small role in the George of the Jungle film with her ex-husband Brendan Fraser. Afton became known after her marriage to Brendan, and she appeared alone in several successful movies, including George and the Jungle, in which her husband played the leading role.

On July 4, 1993, Fraser came to Los Angeles, California, to meet actress Afton Smith, while attending a barbecue in Winona Ryder’s house. Smith, then 52, began acting in 1987, and although she starred in films below zero, her last acting performance was in the 1997 George of the Jungle, starring The Mummy star Brendan Fraser.

Problems in the marriage life

Their home in Beverly Hills, California was sold for $3 million in April 2007, [43] and Fraser’s publicist announced that the couple had decided to divorce in December 2007. Although Fraser and Afton Smiths have been in a relationship for more than a decade, they announced they were divorcing.

The court ordered Brendan to pay Afton annual child support payments of $900,000. However, because his ex-wife and ex-wife could not prove his guilt, the court reduced the child support payments.

After the court order ended, Fraser’s publicist received $900,000 in alimony from his ex-wife. According to the court settlement, Brendan Fraser was to receive $900,000 in child support when he divorced, split between $50,000 a month and an additional $300,000. In 2013, he petitioned the court to reduce the amount because he was unable to keep up with the payments because he had to cover his increased health expenses after injuring himself while performing stunts on camera.

Afton then accused her ex-husband of being a cheat and hiding millions of dollars from his lucrative new movie business. The Smiths appealed to the court that their ex-husband hid several assets after Brendan Fraser hit the jackpot with his latest film.
He paid Afton $900,000 in child support and a hefty $30,000 a year in child support. This began to have a negative impact on Brendan, and the marriage between the two stars and Fraser Bellos began to fall apart. As part of their divorce settlement in 2009, Fraser Bello was ordered to pay Smith $900,000 in child support and child support every year.

After a four-year relationship, The Mummy Stars and Fraser went one step further and got back together without any problems. Things went downhill for the couple in 2007 when they sold their Beverly Hills home and the Aftons publicist announced their divorce. Most details about Afton and her ex-husband Brendan Fraser’s dating life are private, but they have been engaged for nearly four years since October 1997.

The couple had three children during their marriage. Afton and Brendan had struggled with relationship problems when divorce proceedings began in April 2008. The couple filed for divorce in 2007, which led to their final separation in 2009. The divorce was messy and the court ordered Brendan Fraser to pay for everything.

After the couple’s divorce, Afton continued to live in Los Angeles, staying out of the public eye and focusing on raising her children. After her divorce, the critically acclaimed The Mummy trilogy starring Brendan Fraser suffered badly, and AFTON Smith embarked on a path to full-time motherhood and other creative pursuits. While Brendan was a top Hollywood star, Ash was a home-maker.

Afton has three children, Griffin Arthur, 18 years old, Holden Fletcher, 16 and Leland Francis, 15, with ex-husband Fraser. Afton gave birth to her first son, Griffin Arthur Fraser, on September 17, 2002. On August 16, 2004, she gave birth to a second son, Holden Fletcher Fraser.

Afton delivered the couple’s first baby, Griffin Arthur Fraser, on September 7, 2002. Smith said in one of his interviews that the book is dedicated to his eldest son, named after Griffin, who suffers from autism. Thanks to Fraser, Smith got a cameo role in George of the Jungle, and a year later they married and had three children together : Griffin (born in 2002), Holden Fletcher Fraser (born in 2004 ) and Leland Francis Fraser (born in 2006 ).

Born on December 3, 1968 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, son of her husband Brendan Fraser, he is an award-winning actor known to all over the world for Rick and O’Connell, the action drama / fantasy – film trilogy The Mummy (1998-2001) and Rick, the crime drama / thriller movie Crash (2004), and many other different roles. This is the main reason why he took a break from acting in the 90s and 2000s: He was the main actor of a film he was working on when he disappeared. Smith is one of Afton’s three children, and her 18-year-old son has autism.

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