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7 Gifts To Avoid This Raksha Bandhan

This year, Raksha Bandhan falls on August 22nd. The festival is intended to honour the bond between a brother and a sister. Sisters tie colourful threads known as rakhi on their brothers’ wrists on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.  Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu ceremony in which brothers swear to safeguard their sisters from any challenges in life. Raksha Bandhan rituals include brothers presenting their sisters with nice and warm gifts, while brothers are given candies or chocolates. Common Raksha Bandhan presents have evolved dramatically over the last few years. On the day of their bond’s celebration, siblings today want to give each other the most meaningful and helpful gifts. So, here are a few Raksha Bandhan presents that can disappoint your sibling!

Knife set

Anything pointy or stabby should be avoided given to your sisters, such as a kitchen knife set, mixer grinder, peeler, and so on. These are not deemed decent or good. Gifting your sisters any sharp products, including glass objects such as mirrors and photo frames, could bring ill luck. You can substitute different kitchen appliances for these.

Soft toys 

Your sisters are no longer children, and no one accepts soft toys as gifts. Every brother considers his sister a doll, but they are all grown up now, and sisters deserve a natural gift, not a teddy bear. Soft toys and cushions have been overdone to the point of being unappealing.

Shagun Envelopes

Shagun envelopes holding money are also a favourite gift for this occasion, though their popularity has dwindled significantly. Various types of accessories have also become popular gifts for this magnificent event. Alternatively, you can choose from the different Rakhi gift options displayed on this online Rakhi portal. You never know whether the individual requires such a gift, and you may wind up giving them something they loathe send rakhi online to their address.

Coffee Mug

 When you can’t locate anything excellent, go for a coffee, a philosophy that every brother follows when deciding on a rakhi present for his sister. It was wonderful for her last year when you gave her a mug with your picture on it, but who would want to get it again and again? Brothers, please consider your sister’s point of view, and then consider who wants another mug with their brother’s picture on it.


Gifting a showpiece is so simple that even a panda could do it, yet receiving a showpiece as a present is equally aggravating. You may have spent hours in a high-end store shopping for a lovely piece of home décor. Did you ever think your gift will never see the light of day? At the very least, she now has something to re-gift.


You must be considering giving something valuable to your sister, and opals are a cost-effective precious stone. However, this is also recognized as the most unlucky gemstone.  You should avoid giving it as a rakhi gift to your sister unless she was born in October, as Opal is the birthstone for October.


Finally, of all the things you should avoid giving your sister, going empty-handed is the worst! You’d instead give her all of the awful presents listed above than walk up empty-handed since her disappointment will be challenging to bear. So, whatever happens, whether you have time or not, get her something, even if it is small and insignificant. At the very least, she’ll know you cared enough to acquire something for her.

Raksha Bandhan is a day to honour the unique tie you have with your brother and sister. You both pray for each other’s happiness, health, and prosperity. Thus you must choose the correct rakhi and rakhi gift for your brothers and sisters.  If your sister is sending you rakhi online to USA, send her a wonderful rakhi gift to show her how much you adore her.  And don’t worry if you’re a last-minute shopper; several gift portals offer same-day delivery service to make your day as unique as your brother-sister relationship. 

Brothers, if you’re listening and love your sister, please try to avoid these mundane gifts and instead experiment with innovative ways of gifting.


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