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7 Benefits of a Corporate Travel Safety Plan

Here, we will go over the seven benefits of having a corporate travel safety plan in place. 

Over the last decade, corporate travel has become a main staple in business growth. Planning the trip shows prospective business partners that you are willing to take the initiative and that future deals are important to your company. Corporate travel also allows employees to showcase their skills and gain experience.

However, like all travel, business trips can be risky if not planned properly, so a safety plan should be in place before departure. So let’s jump right in.

1) Tracking Employees

Some companies choose to incorporate tracking apps or devices into their safety plans. These apps could be simple location-sharing maps, and the devices could be physical trackers stationed on a vehicle or suitcase. 

Tracking your employees may make you feel like a micro-manager, and your staff may not be a fan; however, you and your employees would appreciate the tracking if anything serious were to occur. 

Unfortunately, people go missing, they get lost and get into accidents. If any of these situations came about while away on a business trip, that tracking may be able to save a life or, at the very least, save the day.

2) Ability to Effectively Communicate Warnings

With a well-written safety plan, a company can easily communicate possible dangers in the case of an emergency. Therefore, companies may integrate communication methods into their travel plans, like group chats.

Safety plans state that the inclusion of these messaging systems is required. Therefore, the staff can be notified immediately if an emergency arises, such as incoming storms or a missing employee. The group chats also serve as a great way to send updates and keep in touch while away. 

3) Updated Emergency Contacts

A safety plan will contain an updated list of emergency contacts such as:

  • Local police stations
  • Local hospitals
  • Management phone numbers
  • Hotel numbers

Employees must also submit personal emergency contacts, such as family and doctor numbers and addresses.

4) Ability to Compare Itineraries to Safety Protocols

A safety plan should include the requirement that each employee’s personal itinerary be reviewed and signed off on. This practice allows management to compare the plans against the company’s list of restricted or unsafe locations or situations. 

According to research regarding criminal history, your company can determine which neighborhoods and businesses are to be avoided. If an employee states in their itinerary that they have plans to stay in or visit one of these areas, the company has ample time to ask the employee to change their plans. You may follow this full guide to corporate travel to help plan and structure itineraries and safety protocols.

5) Clearly Written Acceptable Behaviors

Not everyone goes on a business trip with work in mind. Unfortunately, some take travel as an opportunity to let loose more than they should. Although your employees should enjoy their trip, it is essential to make your expectations of their behavior known. 

In your business safety plan, include rules regarding drug and alcohol consumption and attendance at bars or clubs. It is ok to allow these behaviors as long as they are in moderation. For example, you may include in your safety plan the rule that employees may consume alcohol but not enough to become drunk.

The main objective of these rules is to keep employees out of danger in a foreign place and ensure that the work-related goal is completed without the hindrance of impaired thought.

6) Risks are Known

You may encounter risky situations such as undesirable people, areas, and scams when traveling. A well-written safety plan will outline these risks and show employees how to avoid them.

For example, there is a popular scam that targets travelers. A scam artist will trick an incoming traveler by exchanging currency and ultimately short-changing them. Having possible risks similar to this scam listed in a safety plan will help your employees know what to watch out for to stay safe.

7) Language Barrier Issues

The language barrier may become an issue if traveling to a foreign country. These issues will be addressed in a safety plan, and tips or tools will be given. 

Your safety plan may include lists of transportation services, hotels, and businesses with multilingual staff. Additionally, the plan may list highly rated mobile apps that translate speech in real-time. 

Language barriers can become dangerous because it is easier to take advantage of someone who doesn’t speak the local language, and getting lost in the town is common. 

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