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6 Wonders of CALAMINE CLAY Powder for Skin and Hair

Calamine powder is a mixture of zinc oxide, a white powder, and iron oxide, a rusty-red pigment. The combination of the two gives calamine its signature light pink colour.

Traditionally calamine is known for its gentle, calming and soothing skin properties. It is the best clay powder for face that has been used for thousands of years to nourish the skin. It is an excellent ingredient for different skin types and has several uses that you can benefit from DIY facials.

Calamine powder is the best clay powder, widely used in face masks, lotions, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It will keep skin hydrated, improve the complexion and texture of your skin.

  1. Soothing Effect

Calamine is one of the best all-natural minerals known to help you with skin reactions and makes your skin feel rejuvenated and nourished. Calamine clay powder is the best clay powder with skin-soothing and calming properties. It has healing properties to soothe skin and give you a glowing complexion, so it is the ideal ingredient for your skincare routine. It also calms irritated, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.


2.   Prevent Blemishes and Acne Breakouts Naturally

Is acne annoying you? Are you looking for a non-toxic and chemical-free product to combat blemishes? Then calamine is the best clay powder for face and an excellent remedy for acne and blemishes. It is a natural ingredient with anti-bacterial properties to help with acne breakouts and blemishes. When your pores clog with excessive dirt accumulated on your skin because of excess sebum secretion, mild forms of acne appear, such as pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Calamine clay powder mask absorbs oil from your skin and prevents any acne breakout. The healing properties of calamine powder will tighten skin pores and inhibit further acne growth.

3.   Instant Relief from Skin Issues

Calamine clay powder is used to prevent infections and reduce the redness and swelling of infected skin conditions. It relieves itching and brings immediate relief to eczema skin issues by providing a cooling sensation. Moreover, calamine clay powder can help to reduce flake and rosacea irritation.


4.   Effective Sunscreen Alternative

Calamine Powder contains zinc oxide that reflects UV rays, protecting the skin from sun damage. Hence, it is often used as the main ingredient in many sunscreens. If you’re going out in the sun or doing some outdoor activity, calamine powder can be a better alternative to prevent the skin from sunburn & protects you from harmful UV rays. Calamine powder can also be used underneath your makeup for both grooming and protection.

  • Arrests Early Ageing Signs

The mineral-enriched calamine clay powder exfoliates and detoxifies your skin to give a fresh and clean look. The presence of iron in calamine powder help increases the circulation of blood in the facial skin. It has healing properties that reduce wrinkles by regulate collagen production on the skin and make you look younger. Continuous use can keep skin healthy, hydrated and improves the complexion and texture of your skin. The skin healing property of calamine powder helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles of the skin and gives glowing skin. Using calamine powder regularly will make your skin feel fresh, smooth and beautiful.

  • Frizz-Free and Dandruff-Free Hair

Calamine’s Zinc Oxide can easily penetrate to the roots of the hair. The hair mask with calamine clay powder can improve blood circulation in the scalp, regulate sebum production, thus help to moisturize hair and scalp. The anti-bacterial properties help reduce inflammation and infections in the scalp, therefore provide you with dandruff-free, non-frizzy, smooth and silky tresses.

Indus Valley Calamine Clay is the best clay powder for face and hair, is a quintessential ingredient for many skincare routines. Choose the best clay powder from an authentic source, which is 100% pure and chemical-free for your daily beauty care regime. Indus valley offers you just that, collected directly from nature, hygienically packed with all essential properties intact to ensure your best skin and hair health.


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