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6 Best and Free WooCommerce Plugins

This article is going to highlight the best WooCommerce plugins that are available for free. Check out the cool features of these plugins and pick the best fits for your website.

WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce development platforms in today’s market with almost 16 million downloads. Although according to different stats, the WooCommerce core plugin is very handy but to get the business-driven and productive essence to the fullest, you need to use various add-ons and extensions. Here is a list of popular WooCommerce plugins with some special features that are available for free.

#1 Stripe Payment Gateway

Previously, WooCommerce used to support only PayPal Standard. However, while making payment, this payment gateway used to divert the customers to an external website of PayPal which was not very desirable by most of the store owners. You can get rid of this issue by opting for Stripe Payment Gateway.

During WooCommerce installation wizard, just by a single click, you can install this payment gateway. Once you sync the eCommerce store with Stripe API, the acceptance of MasterCard, Visa Card along with many other card options become easier.

Other than it, PayFastAmazon Payments and PayPal Pro are some other popular options available in the official extension store by WooCommerce.

#2 YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

In the case of online shopping, customers need to rely on the product images available on the site to make a purchase. Hence, offering them a good, closer and zoomed in view of the product is necessary so that they can check the quality.

To display the product images loud and proud, this WooCommerce plugin is a great choice. Also, you can set the dimensions of the enlarged popup along with the zoom level to offer the customers an optimal viewing.

#3 WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Not every visitors like to spend too much time in hooping around the cart once they finalise a product to buy. Sometimes, they can simply abandon the cart getting confused with too many processes.

Hence, try not to lose the conversion opportunity by getting this extension. It allows the users to skip the cart completely. The path of the checkout journey will look like the following.

“Storefront > Product Page > Checkout”.

This direct checkout process can significantly boost the conversion rates. Using this plugin, you can directly add the ‘Checkout’ button to the shop page as well.

#4 WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

To get the utmost control over the checkout process, this plugin is a perfect choice. Using this free plugin, you can customise any field that appears on the checkout screen including the WooCommerce checkout fields that are available by default. The easy drag and drop option offered by it helps you in rearranging the order of different fields.

Most interestingly, if at any point of time you feel like you have gone overboard with the customisation, you always have the option ‘reset to defaults’ in this plugin.

#5 WooCommerce Menu Cart

Want to get a refined checkout process in your eCommerce store? Get WooCommerce Menu Cart and add the shopping cart button directly to the menu so that it can be easily accessed from any page of the website.

If you want, you can configure the cart button in such a way that it will show in the menu how many items or products are currently in the cart. Also, it will provide you with the options of 10 cart icons along with the menu alignment.

#6 WooCommerce CSV Importer

Think of a situation where the wholesale prices of the products across the board are being increased by the supplier. Now, in order to protect the profit margin, the store owners also need to update the product prices showed on the website. Is it really possible to update the price info of all the available products manually? What to do now?

Well, with this WooCommerce CSV Importer plugin, you can save both your energy and time. You just need to upload the CSV file in proper format and all the product prices will get updated automatically.

Other than all the aforementioned WooCommerce plugins and add-ons, some other effective options to boost the business productivity are:

  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher
  • WooCommerce MailChimp
  • WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap etc.

WooCommerce specialist will know the best which plugin to use in a website to enable a particular feature. Hence, before downloading and installing any plugin, add-ons or extensions, it is always advisable to seek the guidance of a WooCommerce expert.


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