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5 Times You Need A Workplace Harassment Lawyer

Verbal Harassment

This is one of the most common harasments that an employee has to face in the workplace. Verbal harassment can be the result of small personality conflicts that get hyped because of a casual eye roll or something more serious. Here are a few examples of verbal harassment –

  • Sending offensive jokes or graphics about religion, race, etc..
  • Constantly requesting dates or favors in person or through text.
  • Commenting on someone’s disability or age.
  • Imitating someone’s accent in their absence.

These are a few cases when you need a workplace harassment lawyer.  An experienced lawyer can educate you about fighting for your rights and make sure nothing like this ever happens.

Physical Harassment

Physical harassment is not easy to recognise as it is quite subtle in many cases. Workplace violence or physical harassment generally involves threats, physical attacks, or more serious actions. In a situation where the harassment goes to extreme lengths, it is also known as assault.

There is no clear definition of physical assault. It is the person on the receiving end who decides whether the behavior by the other party is causing discomfort or if they are okay with these things happening. The most common examples of physical harassment are –

  • Destroying property to intimidate the person.
  • Threatening behaviour like angrily shaking fists.
  • Physical attacks.
  • Direct threats with an intent to inflict harm.

Power Harassment

The next type of harassment that is seen at every workplace is power harassment. This type of harassment is generally characterized by the disparity of power between the harasser and harassed. The person who is lower in the hierarchy at the workplace is bullied by the powers of the harasser. In most of the cases, a harasser is a manager or supervisor who intimidates the victim through an act of violence. Not the boss, but a workplace harassment attorney is the right person to confide in for such cases. Common examples of power harassment are –

  • Making excessive demands that are impossible.
  • Getting into an employee’s personal life.
  • Demeaning demands that employees are not capable of.

Sexual Harassment

This is a kind of harassment that is simply sexual in nature. It mostly includes unwanted sexual conduct, advances and behavior. Sexual harassment is taken seriusly by the court, as it is unlawful discrimiation occurring at the wokrplace. This harassment brings in a different level of discomfort and negativity. It can also impact the victim’s life. Many companies tend to hide such cases of harassment as they fear getting defamed. A workplace harassment lawyer is the only person you should go to in such cases. Examples of sexaual harrament –

  • Sharing sexual pictures.
  • Posting sexual posters.
  • Sexual comments or jokes.
  • Inappropriate touching or other sexual gestures.
  • Invading one’s personal space in a sexual way.

Psychological Harassment

As the name suggests, psychological harassment directly affects the victim’s psychological well-being. Here the harasser generally puts down the harassed, belittles them on a personal level, professional level or both. This may damage the psychological well-being of the harassed and impact their physical health, mental health, social life and work life. Examples of psychological harassment are –

  • Isolating the victim’s presence.
  • Belittling victim’s thoughts
  • Spreading rumors about the harassed
  • Challenging victims all the time.

It is time to speak up. There are several campaigns and helpline numbers that can help you out in any harassment cases. You can even hire Massachusetts workplace harassment lawyers if the condition worsens.

In case you are facing any of the above problems, connect with us and we would make sure that our experts help you in the best possible way.

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