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5 Steps to Help You have a Better Full Lace Human Hair Wigs in 2021

The wig and hair extension industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has skyrocketed after top A-listers don just about every wig length as yet another style accessory. As the spectrum of potential buyers of full lace human hair wigs expands, people are more candid about their fashion choices and open to sharing their beauty secrets. 

Human hair lace wigs are a fashion statement piece and act as headgear that protects the hair and scalp from the harmful aftermath of bleach, color, and drying. Today, coloring and daily styling of hair can substantially weaken your hair resulting in breaking out and balding. 

Part of the durability of your pay later hair extensions comes down to how you care and wash your hair. A synthetic wig will typically last anywhere from 2-4 months, depending on the care you’re willing to put in. 

How to wash full lace human hair wigs? 

If your wig begins to feel sticky or rough, understand that it is a siren call for a wash. First things first, we recommend you not to throw your wig into the washing machine. Here’s what your human hair lace wigs care should look like: 

Step-1 Detangle Your Wig

The first step is to prepare your full lace human hair wigs by detangling the knots that may have built up from the everyday wear. The best type of comb to use for this process is a wide-tooth comb. Start combing from the tip of the wig and move up to the top, carefully removing all the knots.

Step-2 Wet your Wig  

One of the best tips is always keeping the water lukewarm, edging on cold because this will help you preserve the fibers. Run the wig under the faucet to wet it down. Additionally, be as gentle with the fiber as possible and run the water with the direction of the hair to create less friction in the fibers. 

Step-3 Shampoo your Wig 

Choose a shampoo made for full lace human hair wigs, take a quarter-size amount of shampoo and wash it through the hair in a downward motion. Then, we recommend you massage shampoo into the cap and ear tabs. 

Step 4- Rinse out Shampoo 

Rinse the shampoo out with lukewarm water running the water in the direction of the hair, from the crown to the tip of human hair lace wigs. Squeeze out the excess water, but do not wring the hair out. 

Step 5- Towel Dry your Wig 

When you gently squeeze water out of the wig, lay the wig in a towel. Fold the towel over the wig and pat dry any excess water out. Then, set down the wig on a towel and softly scrunch the hair for retaining moisture and volume once dried.  

Wrapping Up

From lace fronts to U-parts, wigs are particularly transformative. You get the versatility of instantly swapping colors, added protection, and the ease of your hair being relatively low- maintenance. 

Once you find the right full lace human hair wigs and proper hair care technique, you’re all set. 






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