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5 Reasons To Become A Food Technologist

Food industry is an ever evolving industry. Though foodtech is still uncommon to many but with time and development it is starting to pop up in circles across the globe.

Food technology is a lot more than food science. It introduces the technologists to dishes and flavors that were never imagined. Being a part of this promising profession can take you to places. Here is what all you can expect from the food industry.

Job Security

One of the major reasons why you should consider becoming a food technologist is because of job security. Food industry is one of the largest business industries on the planet. And that’s because no matter what, people will always have to eat to survive. So once you complete your studies, you will always have a job anywhere along the food supply chain. You will not have to wait much for a reputable job offer. Although there are also some food companies that have layoffs or get closed with time, the probability of this is quite less. And even if it does happen, you can apply your skills to other foods and processes.

Diverse Environment

Working in a food industry allows you to be in a diverse environment. There are thousands of jobs available in the world that are related to the food industry. There are many companies looking for food scientists for hire. Basically you don’t have to confine yourself to lab or desk work. There is something for everyone here. Whether you wish to work in the quality department, consultancy, sales and marketing, manufacturing or teaching, there are plenty of job offers in the food industry.

Salay Possibilities

Food technologists in the UK are hired on a high scale. Once you have a degree in food science, your future is secured. You will have opportunities to earn upto dollars in salary. In case you don’t believe it, the median salary in 2015 for people with a food science degree was estimated around $90,000 and even higher for graduates. The people in this category who got into management positions could earn upto six figures and more.


Food and beverage design consultants get access to food, each day everyday. If you love food no other job will give you more peace than this. You will simply enjoy working in this industry. Whether you are into new food product development or research and testing product quality, you will get to discover a plethora of amazing food on a daily basis. From a combination of flavours to never seen a dish that already existed you will be exposed to a lot. Many times it is seen that people tend to join the food industry because they are a foodie and they do not regret it later. They are rather happy to have their passion and profession together on a plate.

Travel Opportunities

This is no lie that the food and beverage design consultants have to travel places. The fact that the food industry is global. Even in the UK you will find many jobs in the same industry. Depending on your experience, expertise and position, you can get many chances to travel for work by your company. Food industry is definitely the type of industry you can count on for your growth and career opportunities. One can definity plan on being a part of this industry.

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