5 Air Conditioning Myths Busted

Air Conditioning Myths

One of the most common misconceptions in summers about AC’s is to turn down the temperature when humidity levels are high. Electricity companies recommend maintaining a constant temperature rather than changing it frequently. Less energy is consumed, which resultantly saves money.

There are various air conditioning myths that we blindly believe. Most of them are untrue; resources are saved instead of wasted. If they are not implemented. We have picked out the top five misconceptions. Your heating and cooling needs will be met without any compromise on your requirements.

Bigger AC units Perform Well

The size of the air conditioning unit depends on the space in which it will be used. Suppose the AC is too big for the room. This will result in the compressor switching on and off at regular intervals. It will shorten and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning units.

The functioning of AC in short intervals affects the temperature of the house too. Comparatively, if the AC is too small for the room, then funds will be wasted as the air conditioning unit will be continuously used. Selection of the right size of an air conditioner is essential.

Aside from space, the state’s temperature, such as North Georgia, doesn’t have sweltering summers. It should be evaluated before making a decision.

Air Conditioning Make you Sick

A virus or underlying illness makes one sick, not appliances. An air conditioner merely determines the temperature of the space. It is not linked to getting sick as individuals have allergies or chronic illnesses.  

Heating and cooling systems improve indoor air quality. However it illness can incur if the filters are dirty. Appoint an air conditioning repair company and get them cleaned.

Ac’s shouldn’t be repaired

Air filters gather dust and debris over some time. They block the airflow passages, which forces the air conditioning unit to work even more challenging. The air filters should be changed frequently by employing an air conditioning repair company. A clean air filter removes dust.

Heating and cooling systems are used in the form of the air conditioner. Regular repairs ensure that underlying issues are resolved.   

Fans and AC’s are complimentary

Fans move air, not cool it; air temperature is not affected by them. If there is an air conditioning unit and fan in the room, then a wind-chill effect is created, which makes the space chilled without any additional use of resources—fans calm people, not the environment.  

Hence this myth about heating and cooling system is factual.

Air Conditioning Inspections are a Waste

Modern air conditioners are highly proficient. If you want them to keep performing the same way, then a planned service and cleaning with an air conditioning repair company will ensure that not only efficiency but potential problems will also be resolved beforehand. Hence regular checkups are not a waste of time.   

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