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4 Tips to Choose the Best Huarache Sandals

Huarache sandals are a pre-Columbian tradition that predates European colonialization. What was once considered practical, daily footwear became a popular fashion in the USA after the 1960s due to hippie culture. Today, huaraches sandals are a summer wardrobe must-have. While there are hundreds of huarache brands worldwide, you may come across inferior products that are cheaply made and don’t last. How can you avoid such products and buy high-quality huarache sandals? Follow these four tips to choose the best huarache sandals. 

1. Choose the Right Size

Quality huarache sandals will appear to be stiff initially as they are made of genuine leather. So don’t panic if it feels like the shoes need to wear in a little. As you keep on wearing the sandals, they’ll become comfortable and allow air to pass around your feet even in the heat. As they can get a little looser after a few days, choose half or a full size smaller than the standard size you wear. 

2. Know the Materials Used for Making Huaraches 

Huarache sandals are made using genuine leather and natural materials. However, you will find several huarache sandals for women made using synthetic materials. You should pay attention to the product description and if it’s really made using genuine leather. Synthetic products can be harmful to nature and your feet. Leather huaraches last longer, even for more than 30 years. 

3. Choose a Style That Suits You

Huaraches come in different styles and shapes. For example, you can find closed-toe huaraches that cover your entire feet and classic women’s huarache sandals with an open-toe. Choose the style that best suits you, and remember the Mexican huaraches are made to allow more air to flow around your feet. Whichever type you choose, the intricate designs will go well with many outfits. 

4. Consider the Price Range 

Price is an important aspect to consider while buying genuine huarache sandals. Mexican artisans handcraft these shoes, and rigorous labor goes behind making these beautiful huarache shoes. If you want to get your hands on original huaraches, they will cost you a little more than poor quality, mass-produced shoes. A standard pair of leather huaraches will cost you from around $125 to $150. But it’s an excellent investment that will last for years to come. Cheap huaraches available in the market may not even last one season.  So, make an informed decision while purchasing huaraches sandals.


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