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3 Useful Tips To Consider Before Ordering Cakes Online

What’s a birthday party without a creamy cake for everyone to share? So many things go into planning and hosting a birthday party, and choosing the best birthday cakes in Melbourne shouldn’t be left as a menial task either. Having the best cake makes all the difference as it usually is the prime focus for any birthday party. Not to mention that it’s what everyone’s looking forward to at the very end. 

As Covid restrictions ease in Melbourne, diners, restaurants and bakeries will function more effectively, which means more options for placing orders on cakes online. But before looking into the best birthday cakes in Melbourne, take a look at some of the things to consider first. 

The Bakery: 

Melbourne has seen a rise in new bakeries, even before the pandemic, and there’s no shortage of areas for those looking to satisfy their cravings. Online shopping has made even the worst shopping experience exciting, but that doesn’t mean one should overlook all the potential factors that rate the quality and service. Here’s what to look for in a bakery when ordering cakes online: 

  • Notable things to look for would be the number of years the bakery has been in service and the baker’s experience. 
  • Experienced bakers will have no problem crafting the best cakes in a short time, although they may charge more. But, considering the richness in flavour and quality, the pay is usually worth it. 
  • Look up all the online reviews and any feedback that customers may have posted regarding the quality of service and turnaround times. Reliable bakeries will always have good ratings, and excellent customer services will always be renowned in the community. 

About The Cake

Once the bakery is set, the baker will ask what type of cake the customer prefers. They may also add in a few suggestions depending upon the theme or the budget but make sure to have these specifications at the ready: 

The Size Of The Cake: How many guests will be there? Is it just the parents and the family? Are there friends and others coming over? The size will ultimately depend on the total number of individuals expected for the birthday party. It’ll look awful if anyone leaves without a slice!

The Flavour: Flavor isn’t that big of a deal, but whatever flavours customers choose, don’t forget to sample a taste. Try Melbourne residents’ favourite flavours like strawberry, chocolate and caramel. Looking good and tasting better are two different things, and the cake should meet both of these expectations. A word of advice, take someone along for this process. 

Choosing The Theme: Now that the cake’s all set, best to fix the theme of the cake. Ensure that this will reflect the theme of the hosted birthday party, and consider the baker’s suggestions. They may have some great ideas. 

Placing An Order

Compare the prices of these cakes with that of other bakeries in Melbourne and, at the same time, look up what they have to offer. Although great cakes come at a reasonable cost, there’s no need to pay extra for any other purpose. 

  • Understand the system of delivery and read through all the policies that the bakery has in place. 
  • Try to use any offers or deals like free cupcakes or other discounts that can sweeten the offer. 
  • Make sure that the scheduled delivery is at least a few days before the big celebration. This way, any setbacks or other minor issues can be dealt with at the earliest without poking into the deadlines. However, considering Melbourne’s layout for deliveries and transport, those living in the city may not have a hard time receiving their deliveries in a short time. 
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