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2 Things To Know If You Are A Novice Person To Skincare Routines

Do you want to make your facial skin feel lively again with all the pollution around? Are you a novice person turning to skincare routines? Then facial moisturisers are the basic skincare essential you need. They act as a protective and hydrating layer to your skin. It keeps your skin glowing and healthy all day. It is vital to have a skincare routine regularly, no matter the gender. A perfect skincare schedule can make your skin look healthy and younger. A shiny and attractive facial skin can make you more confident on your looks for an interview to a date night. 

In Australia, women spend about 3600 dollars on beauty products each year. It proves the significance of beauty and beauty related products in every womens’ life. You have to make skincare a routine similar to brushing your teeth twice daily. Your facial skin is susceptible to a lot of damage while you go out. The dust in the air can clog the pores of your skin, hindering its breathing process. It can reduce the facial natural oil and make it look too oily or dry. The climate of the region you live in can also affect your facial skin. When you reside in colder locations, your skin can get prone to dryness. Your diet can also influence the health of your skin. An unhealthy diet can create acne and pigmentation problems. 

The skin type

The first step to any skin related routine is to figure out your skin type. This process is essential to decide what kind of skincare products to choose. If you have dry skin, oily skin-based skin products should no longer be used. Your skin type and tone can depend on genes, period of exposure to sun and diet. There are four types of skin, and they are,

  • Dry skin: When you have a dry type, your skin may look dry and flaky. You can feel roughness when you touch your skin. Experts recommend using oil-based beauty products to add oil to your skin. 
  • Oily skin: You can feel the greasiness of your skin while touching if you have oily skin. Your chin and nose may look highlighted due to more sebum production. Your skin could have acne breakouts usually. Here you must use hydrating skin products. 
  • Combination skin: In this type, the skin could be a mix of both dry and oily skin. Your forehead, chin and nose can look oily while your cheeks look dry. Here you have to use a combination of hydrating and oil-based facial moisturisers and other products. 
  • Sensitive skin: Here, your skin may become red, itchy and have a burning sensation. You can use products that cause cooling effects. For example, aloe vera based products can help this kind of skin type.

The basic routine

It can always be confusing on the order of the skincare products to use regularly.

  •  You can start with using a cleanser to clean the dirt from your face. Apply the cleanser and gently rub it on your skin. Then wash it with warm water. 
  • Then you can use a toner to relax your skin. 
  • Facial moisturisers are a vital product to use on your skin. Decide which moisturiser product could suit you the best based on your skin type.  
  • The last step of an everyday routine for your skin is sunscreen. Consider applying sunscreen even when you stay indoors or when your moisturiser contains sunscreen. It is because you still get exposed to many radiations even when you stay indoors to prevent wrinkles. 
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