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10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

Are you currently married or engaged? If yes, then you can read this blog. This article will teach you some questions to ask your unfaithful spouse to get to the bottom of their cheating ways.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It brings two people together to share life experiences, love each other, and create a family. Unfortunately, marriage isn’t always perfect. Some spouses cheat on their partners. They may even lie about it. In such situations, you might wonder whether they are having an affair.

“You don’t have to wait until you see them with another person to confront them,” says Dr Gail Saltz, a New York City psychiatrist who specializes in treating couples. “It’s very important to talk to your partner before you start seeing someone else.”

If you suspect that your spouse has been involved with someone else during their relationship with you, here are some questions to help you find out for sure:

10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

1. Do You Have Feelings For Someone Else?

“Do you feel that there is someone else behind his back?” Dr. Saltz says. “Is he more affectionate with women than with you? Does he show up late at work when he’s spending time with someone else? These are all things you can observe from the outside looking in.”

2. How Do You Spend Time With Them?

How do you spend time? How often do you see him when he’s not home? Are you invited to dinner parties or other events where he goes, but you don’t go? Once you determine how much time he spends with others, you can decide what kind of problems these absences could be causing.

3. Where Would He Go At Night?

Some cheaters try to keep their extramarital affairs secret by taking the woman out to dinner every night. Others sneak around by staying home alone while she goes out with friends. Still, other guys take their mistresses on long road trips so he can make frequent stops along the way.

4. What About His Phone?

A phone call log is one of the easiest ways to tell if your husband is lying about being faithful. If he keeps calling people in order, and everyone s number is listed next to her name, then the chances are good that he s got another girlfriend. Another thing to watch for is text messages. If he s sending texts to multiple people, it’s possible he s cheating as well.

5. Did You See Him With Anyone Last Week?

Although cheating might seem harmless enough, it also leads to stress in a couple’s relationship. When you become suspicious that something is wrong, it’s best to act quickly and decisively. Come right out and say, I know something is going on. Don’t let things escalate any further.

6. Is There Anything That Makes You Believe That He Is Cheating On You?

“Sometimes a wife thinks that if she sees bruises or scrapes on her husband’s body, he must have been arguing with someone else,” Dr. Saltz says, adding that husbands sometimes cover up fights with their wives because they are embarrassed to admit it.

7. What Has Been Happening Through The Years?

When asked why some men cheat, most men will cite their unhappiness with their marriages or the lack of romance in their relationships. But some people don t want to get married; instead, they prefer the freedom that comes with being single. If this sounds familiar, you need to ask yourself whether you’re the reason he s having an affair or whether his infidelity is the product of external factors.

8. Can I Trust Him Anymore?

Of course, the answer should be yes; after all, he s your husband — which means that anything lousy happening between you two is probably 100% his fault. However, if you’ve spent years trusting him — perhaps even believing that he would never betray you — you may feel hurt and confused. “If he doesn’t trust you or does something really horrible, that’s a red flag,” Dr. Saltzman says. “You need to see if you can trust him again.”

9. Does It Feel Like A Secret?

Just like a drug addict needs help from medical professionals, recovering from infidelity takes a lot of work. And just as addicts who’ve gotten clean need support from others who understand them, partners who choose to heal together need professional guidance. They both need to realize that this is t a matter of simply hiding the truth from each other. Instead, they need to find couples counselling to resolve the issues that led to the betrayal in the first place.

10. Will This Ever Be Over?

Unfortunately, adultery usually has no happy ending. Many women end up divorced when their husbands continue to pull away from them emotionally and financially. As sad as this may sound, this is often what happens when people keep secrets from each other. No one wants to lose hope, but at some point, divorce becomes not only inevitable but necessary. So do everything you can to avoid losing your home and becoming another statistic.

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